Sugar Love

This used to be my sugar intake (roughly for my tea in a week)…

1.5 spoons per cup

3/4 cups a day ( let’s say 3 🤔)

31.5 teaspoons per week

31.5 teaspoons of sugar !

There is so much coverage about the evils of sugar and that’s not my bag here. Some of you know that a few months ago that I was told I was pre diabetic. For someone whose life revolves around not just eating but constantly taking about food this was a real blow. I get that in the overall scheme of life it’s not up there . However having been told that I was osteopenic earlier this year and had severely low b12 (a preoccupation for most vegetarians) I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Happy to report that I’m not pre diabetic anymore. I’ve made or tried to make a few changes . My relationship with food is in flux.I always valued and appreciated it but almost took for granted what I could eat and when ! And know so many people who can’t and aren’t able to do that. A friend put it simply and said, “you just need a new relationship with food”.

My obsession with mangoes , sugar in my tea, having something “a little sweet” after every meal , anything fried, snacking and not forgetting the unhealthy intake of bread (thinking it wasn’t bad because I was having sourdough or seeded or anything away from a sliced white loaf!!).

Churros with salter caramel and chocolate sauce 🤦🏽‍♀️
Parathas and potatoes 😂
Mangoes and watermelon 🤦🏽‍♀️
Afternoon tea 🙄

I always blamed papa for my “sweet tooth” and the fact that I’m Indian ( we also have type 2 diabetes in the family) and my intake of carbs on the fact that I’m vegetarian… I need them to bulk out my meals. You guys have fish or meat!!

Please don’t think I’ve had some sort of awakening. Not at all. But I’ve just made a few minor changes and hoping to continue.

⁃ intermittent fasting occasionally

⁃ Rarely drink tea and when I do it’s with sweetener/zylatol

⁃ Less fruit ( no more dried mangoes my travelling buddies 😂)

⁃ trying to keep with the walking

⁃ Still having treats but just a teeny weeny bit less.

⁃ Rarely bake

When I had the diagnosis I thought I was one of the few – not so it turns out as so many people would say they had been or were the same !! So not so special after all.😂. I became obsessed with hearing everyone’s advice and got myself into a pickle. I know my indian friends will just roll their eyes and say it comes with the territory of being Indian.

We all have our “thing” we need to deal with and these are mine (atm) along wit those pesky ankles. I also have to change my mantra …”there is always room for chips, pudding or mangoes”!

We can do HRT another day 😂🙈🤦🏽‍♀️!

#stayhealthy #keepactive #keepmoving #lovelife

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