The Fussy Tea Drinker does The Coffee Festival again

I ventured into the big smoke and to the London Coffee festival on Friday.

Some tips if you plan to come next time!

– the venue is trendy (Old Truman Brewery at Spitafields)

⁃ Not suitable for heels

⁃ It gets really hot.

⁃ It gets really busy.

⁃ Flats boots – comfort

⁃ Elbows ready, crowd control

The place was dripping with young trendy types, mostly with tight black t-shirts, tattoos, and just generally looking cool. I may have felt a little old.

Anyway I should tell you a little more about The Coffee Festival. For coffee lovers and connoisseurs this is a must do event. Every variety, combination and permutation of beans, coffee machines, method of roasting and added flavours all under one roof. A great demo area where super cool baristas were showing their skills – unfortunately wasted on me! When I say machines I mean everything from what a newbie to coffee may have (the ones that deliver the same quality of coffee through pods every morning) to those machines in trendy cafes that splutter, gurgle and require an engineering degree even to approach them. Plus all the accessories you could imagine; think coffee art.

The coffee vibe

Walking around you need to just go with the flow and not expect a normal trade show (because it is a consumer show too) with straight rows of stands. This adds to the quirkinesses of the event. I came across clothing , bags, green travel cups, healthy energy bars, cake , alternative milk and so much more. My favourite were the tea companies being brazen amongst the coffee ☕️.

Everything apart from coffee

It’s all about the experience and increasing engagement. I should know. A box arrives for hubby every month with beans, details of origin, how to make the perfect grind and tasting notes. I’ve seen “hints of honey” and “overtones of dates”. It’s like fine wine apparently. 🙄

There was Turmeric Latte, organic lemonade and ice-creams but it was far too early to be indulging in cocktails or dancing to the music that filled the air.

Every trade show needs a few djs

I have it on good authority that there are over 600 independent Coffee shops inside the M25 corridor with about 3 opening every day. These will be the ones alongside the vegan delis.

And do you know yours truly doesn’t actually drink coffee!! I feel bit of a fraud writing about this and hence why it’s a little lacking in coffee detail. I can see why it enthuses people;it is more than just about coffee. It’s about fashion,lifestyle, being green and being part of the buzz. And from a commercial viewpoint it’s great to see entrepreneurs and established brands sharing the same space. I visited some of our members (Dualit, Aerolatte, Jura and DeLonghi), connected with some prospects and even bumped into the John Lewis team.

New launch

“The can do”attitude was palpable. It’s the perfect place for new brands to showcase their products and meet the right audience in this sector – both trade and consumer.

WMF commercial

So if you’re a buyer for this category, starting your own place, a coffee buff or just “hip” get yourself down to a Coffee Festival soon.

You never know who you will meet.

Team from Progressive

Me, well I am off for a nice cup of PG tips.


Seema 🙏🏽

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