Resolutions, get a grip or go with the flow

Won’t be giving these babies up!

Why do we have to do this every year. Ok so no one is holding you down and forcing you to set up new year’s resolutions. Do you feel you should… I suppose that may come from something you’ve already been thinking about changing or improving or simply continuing in the coming year.

I will share a few of mine. What’s the harm I say. It’s just a little mental checklist with myself . In the past I’ve had varied success. There was the time I decided I would walk away from any negative conversation at work … I think I made it to week three. I was constant excusing myself. Note negative does not mean harmful. Then there was the time I said I would not buy any new shoes ….I did quite well but the following January I was a woman possessed !! Oh and the year that I said I would not buy any accessories – that was a total fail! I’m not painting a very positive picture of myself so to balance this out I will say that I have had lots of positive results over the years too. I love and thrive on lists so a focused target for the whole year works for me.

So perhaps I will start after the bank holiday tomorrow. These are my chosen few.

⁃ I will give more time for my Classics Masters . Did I tell you that I had started ? I was worried that I would drop out by now. Need to get reading and stop binging on Netflix recommendations – stop it you lot!!

⁃ I will shop for fresh foods more regularly so I stop the waste. I’m much better at freezing and creating random meals. After this December I also need to cook my own food 🤔😜.

⁃ I will strengthen my ankles so I can get back my fitness and dance more 💃🏾.

Just grrrrrrrr …

⁃ I will only eat samosas once a month! Hmmmm….

⁃ I will try to be a good member of my family & community.

Whatever you decide to do or not do or try to do … do it with gusto, belief and love.

We got you 2022!! You just wait and see.

Stay safe, stay healthy ans be kind.

Seema 🙏🏽

NB:: I’m avoiding any more food related resolutions as I know that I can’t be trusted !! 😋

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