Seema’s Sunday three ways: a country walk ;yoga;Hindi Karaoke (as you do- bet some of you didn’t even know that existed).

This is what you can look forward to when your child is 21 and independent (to a point – as long as you keep the bank of mum/dad /step-dad/grandparents open at all times). No extra curricular activities, no school uniform to prepare, no homework to supervise and no party drop offs. How did I manage all that and work. Now I will have neither for a while so need to find a new hobby. Perhaps one of the following could be the answer.

PART 1: The Walk: Cost = free

Get those walking boots on. About 10 minutes before you leave. Such a bore – flip flops are so much easier. These boots hardly get used so need to get them out and work on the cost:use ratio. I’m in training now you know; HE has signed us up for a challenge. Lake District ; 24miles, 10 hills, 5am start. Easy 🙄. Only saving grace is that it’s next June .Dear god he can’t sit still and always need to do something but feels the need to drag me along occasionally. Not many things I can do but walking is one. This walk did happen around Biddenham where there seems to be an explosion of homes. Hmmm perhaps the boots were an overkill and the mini rucksack and snack and water ! Oh well you know me – always prepared for an emergency. But we finally escaped buildings to the river and enjoyed the sun and the fresh cool wind. The obligatory chat of kids and life dramas was had and shared – the talking stick was passed and on a Sunday morning all was sorted. Refreshments (because apple had come back uneaten 😂) at friend’s house and then they made the fatal mistake of showing us their Aldi purchase. A soft toy – a 🥕!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes a carrot. That’s what middle England people are doing now and apparently fighting in stores to get said carrot. The demise of the high street become clearer. I also note that Aldi are donating £15k ONLY to charity. Please correct me if I’m wrong but that’s the most ungenerous thing ever. They’ve probably paid many times more just to make the you tube clips! But people feel free to buy the carrots – it’s your hard earned money. Sorry I did actually walk and the fitbit says I’ve done over 18,000 steps. That means I can sit still tomorrow for most of the day. How could I let a carrot get to me ?🤷🏽‍♀️.

PART 2 :The Yoga: Cost = free (today only)

Yoga and meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️.Moon salutations and yogic breathing . Looking inward and being good. Dragged Simon with me but he was behind me so not sure how his downward dog fared. He’s not flexible but bless him he tries. Sit cross-legged hold your right toe with right hand and left toe with left hand and extend. See what happens🙏🏽😉. My payback ! Namaste. Nitasha makes everything look so effortless and whilst she’s away doing some more amazing things around the world I’ll be sure to practice those poses.

PART 3: The Dosa Party:Cost=£15

You should know something. The new subway in Delhi (not so new now) has warnings stating “no spitting” and another telling “no singing”. Get a group of Indians together and just give them a slight nod on music and dance and watch the evening and them come alive.And add food to that heady mix it becomes a winning combo ( event planners take note- Kurry Karaoke – you heard it here first). Pooja’s Kareoke night at Cochin, Bedford’s best South Indian Restaurant was destined to be a huge success. Then it dawns on me, what does one wear to this type of do? Sari – not for me , not tonight, the tummy is not ready to be exposed yet. Play it safe, black kurta suit, minimal jewellery(it’s Sunday after all) and a sober bindi. Done!

Needs must – Pooja has set up by the bar with her system and was in fine tune. She managed to ignore the sound man, the waiter, us talking and trying to drown her when we actually sang. Gracious to all who were wannabe Rafis and Latas.

Damn the food – and you know I never say no to food. Starters , mains and pudding. I was going to skip the details but have come to my senses (chilli paneer, vada, bonda, masala dosa, Gulab Jamun or semia). Don’t they know I have a song to murder. Swarupa did remind me that I’d said ‘not singing, don’t let me sing, I’m not allowed to by Art and Simon’. Perfect they’re not here !! We will just sing with our mouths full or eat cold dosas 🙄.

Our wonderful table of Praveena, Monika, Deepali and Swarupa were of course the best table made even better by visits from Rekha and Suman. We would have welcomed you too Shabana, Fatima, Ritu and Asmita (who have I forgotten this time!!😬) Mr Google helped with lots of lyrics. Supplementary information our fave male actors are Amitabh Bachan and Siddharth Malhotra (not for his acting 😉- sorry guys I became un pc just for a few seconds).

So many songs sung by lots of people . I think Chris/John and Aparna need to take a bow!! Awesome 👏🏾🙌🏾Let’s not forget Sudesh and Gigi with their punjabi beat and bhangra moves . And Dr Patil sings as well as saving lives 💕. Did I mention yet again a room full of doctors.

Just recollecting a few of the songs ;

⁃ Tere mast mast do nain: your fit two eye

⁃ Kya Khub Lagthi ho: you look great (oh Thankyou)

⁃ Monika oh my darling :Monika oh my darling …(especially for Monika Kohli)

⁃ Chalte Chalte : walking walking

⁃ Yeh Dosti : this friendship

⁃ Bhaharo phool Barsao : winds scatter flowers

⁃ Mere sapno ki Rani kabh aayegi tu: the queen of my dreams when will you arrive

Not quite the same in English. Completely lost in translation ☹️. I’m sad about this.

Where I normally eat chilli paneer became the dance floor. Carpet and heels not good dance partners. And perhaps this is why someone thought I was actually drunk. How rude (Sudesh!!) just high on Diet Coke(other brands of teeth rotting drinks are available).

So what if I missed Indian idol; so what if there were no Latas, Ashas, Ushas or Alkas here I don’t care. I got to sing

“yeh dosti” with the Bandhan girls – long may it continue . First time ever I’ve selfied a video – more shouting than singing.😂

This Brit Asian loves surprising and did it again .. yes I can read Hindi lyrics . Singing them is another matter. Suman, however, the seasoned singer – even had the lyrics in English! Planning and prep even for Kareoke 👍🏽.

See you all at the next event – the dance floor at our NYE party to finish that song and dance challenge. Simon you’re coming with me – he loves to dance you know ! The singing 🎤- give me a few years more.



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