The weekend bag

I know you may think what she’s on about now? A bag is a bag surely. Not when I’m travelling and it’s going on a girly weekend.

Flights booked; super early to maximise the opportunity for fun time, talk time and to annoy the hell out of our neighbours.😂And then without fail collectively say “why did we do that” only to repeat it all over again the following year.

Accommodation booked: that place that looks awesome and too good to be true on Air B&B ( poor hotels). Sweaty palms and slightly nervous giggles about the reality if you’ve drawn the short straw for booking. But the stand off between host and guest and mutual reviews means that reality is normally spot on.

I’ve digressed already🙄. Back to packing the bag.Pay close attention and you’ll never have any problems again. I will be accepting Thankyou cards and gifts in return. Yes, I am that shallow.

Weather conditions

It’s hot Seema – so pack for that.But I’ve learnt from bitter experience that freak weather will catch you out. And it waits for you to be in shorts and sandals. Nearly drowned in torrential rain in Barcelona one year. It’s not great having a whole meal with wet pants. The only solution is alcohol. And then there was the freak hailstones in Florence. Worst weather for 50years – persecution complex ahoy! That umbrella and waterproof is going in!!Hmmm it’s going to be in the 30s. Better to be safe than sorry. They’re definitely coming with me.


3 nights and technically 4 days . So that’s 7 outfits without any options,emergency replacements or duplicating(god forbid).

⁃ Do pack jeans 👖. Although you may find them too hot.

⁃ Do pack the clothes that you would never wear at home.

⁃ Do pack that low cut top – all strangers here 😉.

⁃ Do pack numerous pairs of white trousers- linen, crops, jeans etc. A girl can never have enough white trousers.

⁃ Do pack that maxi dress. Floral print.

⁃ Do pack the hat or will you buy yet another sun hat on holiday.

Footwear (note separate section)

Shoes to any normal person but a girl needs options and plan for emergencies (different to clothes emergency). Ofcourse I’m taking heels – I always do and never wear them . But you never know I may just decide on it this time. Ensure you have flats, wedges, flip flops, trainers , spare flats in a different colour and gold or silver sandals to zhuzh up anything. Don’t you just love that word – makes one feel like a film start darling. Is that enough?


Slightly controversial entry so you may omit it this time but do try again. No harm in trying. Gym gear needs to get out and about and see new countries as well even if it’s from the inside of a room.


My magic bag of accessories for every occasion. Friends who have travelled with me know that I am never without this. A tangled mess of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Have never been able to work out a grown up way of managing them. I do envy those women who wear the same accessories all the time and just ooze elegance and glamour. It only weighs a few kilograms but at least I’m always coordinated. It’s important to be prepared. And don’t forget your shades.

Evening Bag

Just take one otherwise you’ll be grumpy 😡. Make sure it’s neutral or all out – one or the other. You don’t want to be the only one carrying your day bag. The shame of it – especially on a chic city break.

Seema’s snacks

Oh and my secret stash of snacks which consists of dried mango , pistachio nuts and satsumas. You may mock but you’ll be grateful when you’ve not eaten for at least 1/2 hour and need something quick. I once had an apple that went on hols with me and came back with me . Well travelled 🍎.


Now people there are travel size options for a reason! They are for travelling folks. Do you risk it for airport purchase . No. that’s not the right path. We need to be prepared and airport time really should not be wasted.Any time at the airport has to be used for eating, drinking and shopping. It’s not real money on that side of passport control. No really.. I promise you that’s absolutely true.

Electrical Equipment

Hairdryer, straightener, travel iron, portable speaker , iPad…. or you could go cold turkey on technology. And live with the bohemian hair. Be free my friend.


Prepare for all eventualities. Alone time and group time.

⁃ Books/ the obligatory Hello magazine. See how the other half live and their beautiful houses and clothes. Do people really dress like that at home 🤔.

⁃ Pack of playing cards. Watch the surprise look on other’s faces as you roll out your repertoire of card games.

Damn it the bag is so full there will be no space for shopping.🤔

Off I go to hunt in cupboards and in the eaves to find the next size bag. Shall we open a luggage pop up babe ? The 😉

differential between the sizes could be measured in shirts I reckon. But they’re never quite the right size. One day I’ll be the stylish woman who has matching luggage and accessories but for now TK Maxx bargains will have to do.

And my travel companions in the past have concerned me. The friend who takes what looks like a pill box – so teeny weeny that my handbag feels bigger ! But she manages always to look stunning , no creases and as many outfit choices as me. Can someone please explain this magic to me. Then we have the friend with the same size bag as me but manages to have even more options than me – she needs help! Does she have no self control. Then we have the friend who hasn’t packed at all well and is squeezing as many combos out of 2 outfits. It takes all sorts doesn’t it? And when I deign to go with the hubby I know I can hijack his bag space for those extra shoes, trousers,tops …😂. And play the who’s got the heaviest bag 😉.

Just need to sort out my travel clothes now! Do I want to look cool and stylish or be comfortable or attain both by the obligatory white linen trousers and a funky top. Remember those FB photo opportunities Seema , better try and look presentable. And being the oldest in the group does comes with its challenges- the biggest travel bag is just the start . And it certainly isn’t going to be carry on.

Hope that’s helped. You’re holiday ready for next year or even a winter break. The latter is part 2 of the tutorial (£6.35 for friends) 😉. Packing jumpers is just another ball game 😂.



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