Week 11:More Mangoes , our summer holiday and #blacklivesmatter

Hello there !! Yes I’m still here and carrying on and staying calm and trying to be productive. Are you back to socially distanced work or still home going square eyed with the lovely Teams/Zoom/Skype or WebEx. Have you noticed the downturn in the zoom parties and quizzes? So all those people that you rarely saw over the year but were meeting virtually and weekly can go back to a sensible level. It’s hard to describe your weekly update and make it sound interesting… oh dear, stop now Seema, it’s exactly what you do!!

Standing strong

Just as a side thing the hubby said,”do you have to share everything in your blog”. If only be knew how little I share. I’ll let you decide if I share too much .

I’ve made it known that we need to move house . I haven’t really understood that we can’t afford it. All this cooking and gardening has meant that I want more space #firstworldproblems. I have had to stop watching Gardener’s World and the Chelsea Flower Show reruns on IPlayer (god, how middle class do I sound but am not, girl from Southall, said Soufall). This leads me onto the start of my teachings on basics of couple strategies. Start talking up your wants, keep repeating and just wait. You’ll understand this shortly.

So this was the first full week without the student amidst us; so much of my material lost. She’s gone back to the student house in Nottingham with her housemate. I think 10 weeks with the oldies was enough. There could have been a murder. She’s doing well and has now officially finished her degree. We hear from her and have catch-ups;especially when something is needed from Amazon Prime.This time it was sports socks; yes she is still on the keep fit routine. The piece de resistance from her yesterday was her thanking me for helping my ex, her dad, with honey sales and would I be up for baking his birthday cake shortly ? I’ll leave that one with you. Answers on a postcard, sorry on text/WhatsApp/messenger or simply call me.

Kitchen action has been pitiful this week. It went from a cheat meal, for the second time ever I used a pasta sauce (don’t hate me) but I can’t help tweaking it. So actually I should have just made my own !

I made a quick strawberry tart for a friend’s birthday.


We had pizza a la Sainsbury’s but again with added mushrooms and something! I returned to baking on Wednesday, my day of mooching. I made a raspberry & almond cake and a sort of apple upside down cake (psssst it only became an upside down cake because I over baked very slightly). I really should not be left at home too long.

Cake anyone ?

There is a petition to get me back to work (thankyou Lindsey Hoyle and Debbie Acquaye) and I’m happy to sign it too. And on Wednesday night I asked the hubby to make dinner as I was busy with yoga. We had a plethora of veg in the fridge and wondered what we would be feasting on. I enter the kitchen and he’s watching Killing Eve on the IPad and I casually ask what’s for dinner and he points to the hob. Oh! He has simply taken out the Indian food from the freezer!! There are two daals and the spinach & paneer curry. Thankyou to me for dinner then. This will form another part of the couple strategies. Just bank it. Is it only me who thinks this was wrong !! On a grey Sunday afternoon I returned to an old favourite, Veg by Hugh Fernley Whittingstall to try the recipe for Aubergine Parmigiana. Comfort food at its best.

Comfort food

The garden is lush, thriving in the sun and occasional rain. My new babies the beetroot seem to be doing well. I’m going to have to pull out the cauliflower; I need to be strong and not be too attached.

Green is good
Pot for the rose
Runner beans

My strawberry crop is light but then I only have 5 plants.

One each

I treated myself recently and purchased an okra plant, although it looks a bit pathetic. The runner beans are literally running away with themselves. The courgettes are spreading out and the tomatoes are the steady Eddies of the group. I’m trying not to be impatient but need to pick something pretty soon! Think the lettuce is virtually there …great . 🤦🏽‍♀️

My 12 week yoga program is coming to an end. Will this mean that I no longer get up at 5.30am. I know I will need to develop my own practice, perhaps starting a little later. We are now at the stage of connecting our mind and body to work as one; complete awareness through breath work to achieve physical and inner consciousness (that’s a quick summary, but will surely be sending a blog your way).

The hubby finds it tres amusing that I have started cycling after so many years of rolling my eyes at his obsession. I now think it’s ok to leave my bike in the dining room and off like a child given the chance.

Rest time

I have a new gadget that holds my phone just Incase I go somewhere new. I decide I need another pair of padded shorts, those seats weren’t designed for comfort as I found out on bumpy country fields. So I start googling and end up ordering some ladies Castelli padded shorts, let’s just say that I will never live that down. I’m not and don’t think will ever get to the bib stage … hope everyone knows what I’m talking about. So all these years I’ve been teasing hubby over his expenditure on his biking gear, now I am working my way to his thinking. I may even want another bike, no really I’m not joking(again, one for the couple strategies).

Gadget alert !
Dry bumpy land

The watch and I are friends again as I have walked lots this week and made sure to report that to the watch authorities!

Walking everywhere

We had a day’s holiday to Oxford to see some friends. It was whole day out with eating , walking and chatting and being somewhere different. It was such a relief, we imagined we were in the Lake District or Italy. We did a 12km walk through beautiful Oxfordshire villages. We tried to get into Blenheim but with no booking during a pandemic is a no no. So we skirted the edge and sneaked into Woodstock where all the coffee shops and food stores were open for takeaways. I sipped my tea and tucked into a vegetarian pastie as I sat on the doorstep of the Aga shop!Then we got on a bus home.

Summer holiday
It’s not sinking I promise

This week I was the mango distribution centre (ok it was only 18 boxes). Wonder what the neighbours make of it all. People arriving at the doorstep and walking away with honey or mangoes . I’m hoping next week brings something just as nice as mango season is coming to an end and no more honey for me. Whilst I gorge on mangoes I need to remember it’s the fruit with the highest sugar content;why wouldn’t it be, I love them, that’s why!! Life is cruel.


So if you remember I had managed to get a slot at the tip on Friday morning. The best till last. The hubby had managed to squeeze a tonne of cardboard and numerous bin liners filled with who knows what. I’m rarely late so was in plenty of time arriving at 9.00am for my 9.15 slot. Can you believe it there was a bloody queue. No panic needed, there is a nice man with a clipboard . Oh how my life has changed . Normally I’m the support team for tip visits or not even invited. It’s a bit of macho thing to go to the tip. I just let him believe that, so don’t ruin it. I was home within 40 minutes. No drama , no traumas, no rejection of my rubbish.

Meet my new friends

You may be wondering, what is this couple strategies you kept mentioning. Well it goes something like this. Your hubby mentions only a few days ago,”darling I’m thinking of upgrading my motorbike”. I roll my eyes, but know that this has been in the planning for sometime. He rides off towards Northampton on Friday afternoon and comes back a few hours later with an even shinier machine. I can see that it’s beautiful but it’s a motorbike. This is where the couple strategies come in. I make no fuss but know that I can ask for anything …. well at least for a while. I know it’s not cricket but I hate bikes. Oh, and look what arrived in an oversized box a day later!! What else do I need !? My list is getting longer.

The old
The new
Wonder what this is for ?

So as we enter the summer, schools open with social distancing in place, Easy Jet are playing around with flights, Ryan Air are full steam ahead, or are they, I’m waiting to get back to work. I hear hairdressers may open soon and the MK John Lewis too. What else do we need ?

The school wall

Who knew I could sink this low? Oh and then the Lockdown is loosening… but we still need to stay alert.🙏🏽

How can I finish this week’s blog without mentioning #blacklivesmatter .We are in 2020 and are still talking about equal rights. As a woman of Indian origin, and of relative privilege it is important to stand shoulder to shoulder and call out all that is wrong. I did attend the Bedford protest, which was peaceful and conducted with the pandemic in mind. Everyone wore masks and stayed 2m apart. I am proud to live in a multicultural town like Bedford. I am super proud of the student who is teaching us so much more about her world and the views of the youth. It gives me hope for the future but we cannot be complacent whatever your background. I would like to leave with the following poem

First They Came for the Jews

by Martin Niemöller

First they came for the Jews

and I did not speak out

because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists

and I did not speak out

because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists

and I did not speak out

because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me

and there was no one left

to speak out for me.




Weeks 9 & 10: My baby has arrived, the veg trug, oh it’s runner beans 😂 and yeast anyone?

Hello, sorry I’m late. Well actually a whole week too late; what’s a day, a week, a month these days anyway. Between feeling a little flat after being told that I was to be furloughed till end June (yes I know it is an extended holiday and I am grateful but I actually enjoy working, well sometimes anyway) and the warm weather, it was all too much for me. I felt I needed to keep busy and perhaps overdid it… judge for yourself !

The weeks of waiting and the anticipation were at an end; the bits of wood that would eventually make up the veg trug arrived.

It’s here !

In true childlike excitement I ran to tell the hubby that his weekend project was here. I’m not sure I can pen that expression. Anyway roll onto Friday evening, he didn’t even wait until the weekend. I now understand it wasn’t enthusiasm it was purely “need to get this off my list” behaviour. As with any diy task my approach is to watch from a distance, perhaps with a cuppa and a slice of cake. One doesn’t want to be rude and stare. So I watched casually and watched a bit more. And then it came, the call for help. Understandably a second pair of hands is much needed sometimes and I would be churlish to refuse. I do as I’m told and then retreat again. And then it comes again and we stand there, walk around it, look at the photo on the box, checking and rechecking (note to Veg trug – take a leaf out of John Lewis assembly instructions manual, see further down). We establish that he’s built it back to front and after a little adjustment (undoing basically) it seemed prudent to stay. It is my baby after all. I’m being showered with “you are more logical” and “you have a better eye for this sort of thing”. Anyway it was made and looks beautiful and the following day I introduced it into the rest of the veg family. If nothing else it’s a nice bit of furniture in the garden. A very expensive bed to grow some lettuce , kale, courgette and perhaps a handful of strawberries; don’t judge me!

The prep
Support team
And voila

Some things have started to grow and as we had experienced confusion over the seeds in the earlier weeks we finally realised it was runner beans growing so frantically in my fabric raised beds … who knew that these things existed ? The tomatoes are storming ahead; did I tell you that fresh tomatoes are the devil’s food? Yuk and super yuk. As is celery. Glad I’ve got that off my chest. The cauliflowers have unfortunately bolted – again who knew there was such a thing. I am pretending it’s my ornamental garden. The sunflowers are rising upwards , although hubby had killed one of the eight. Everything else is hanging in there and I look forward to perhaps having enough spinach to make a spanakopita. I don’t think I will ever add up how much I have spent to grow a few veg but the pleasure it’s giving me is immense. The sheer relief when the shoots of green appear from a seed tray is huge , try it for yourself.

The veg patch

The student had decided some time ago that she was too big for a single bad but I had conveniently ignored it. It would mean disposing of the beautiful single bed . Anyway it was agreed and during this lockdown/relaxed lockdown it’s impossible to hide from a job and within a few minutes a double bed and mattress were ordered. Who can remember waiting weeks for furniture. The mattress and the bed were to be delivered within 3 days ! And incidentally on the same day as the veg trug. Note to self , must make an appointment at the tip for an annual supply of cardboard, but I’m sure you can understand my reluctance. If it’s a choice between walking , cycling, gardening , cooking or going to the tip, which one would you choose ??? Actually I’ll book the appointment now. My 5 friends will not be able to get to the garden if I don’t clear that passage. Will let you know how I get on.

So the bed construction was the second diy job thrown at the hubby in one weekend. A bit mean perhaps you may think but he approached it with a calm manner and headed upstairs. I stayed firmly seated in the lounge. The student thought that she would be the support on this project ; too bloody right. I stayed away but couldn’t resist a little check. Why do these company do this people … how many pieces and how many screws and of different sizes . But don’t worry the twenty page booklet will save the day. The Hubby did good; he didn’t lose his temper, he didn’t throw all the bits and storm off .. no not this time. The single bed is tidily packed away into the spare bedroom, aka our tip.

OMG they did it

The kitchen adventure continues .The great weather has meant that we have been eating alfresco occasionally and also not too much Indian. But one day I did make okra again much to hubby’s disappointment. I’m determined to make the hubby like them and also I was following student’s mantra and working through all the fresh veg we had in the fridge. New okra recipe found that involved them being shallow fried beforehand ; and voila he likes it. Frying is the answer my friends. His exact words were, “you should add this to your repertoire”.

Bhindi, daal and roti

I decided one day to have an Indian cookathon. There is a method to my madness. Done and dusted for a few days and some for the freezer. Not so silly.

Spinach and feta pie was made again and again a quick shower in between meant that I left the pastry too long ..so actually what appears to be a rustic pie is the pastry falling apart. Perhaps I should stop being so honest? I made another quiche (it’s part of my repertoire don’t you know!) made with home made pastry (will I never learn)… where I egg washed the baking parchment after the blind baking and wondered why it wasn’t soft. It’s ok it was spotted before I filled. Then due to popular demand I made another Bakewell Tart. Note to self – focus and don’t try to multi -task and rush and don’t try and bake the wooden chopping board along with the tart. I am only grateful it was the 10minute bake before adding jam. Lesson learnt I think. Anyway one Friday the hubby and student had sushi. The student’s friend kindly delivered. It was like watching people eat for the first time … they savoured every mouthful. They both used chopsticks and discussed each mouthful and how delicious everything was. The hubby has a jumpy moment with too much wasabi.The student then proclaimed how lovely the salmon was but can’t have salmon too often !! I may have to rename her. Did I tell you she’s gone all healthy on us and is creating her own food She gave me a list and I finally went to Sainsbury’s after 2 weeks. It was an exciting trip as I was looking for plantain, black rice, hard tofu (easy). miso paste and much more. I also came home with YEAST! Yes yeast from Sainsbury’s. The pandemic is over This is a sign. Interestingly I also received the yeast I ordered from Amazon, it’s come from bloody Taipei! I can read the weight and morning else. Now to use all this yeast .

Rustic pie
Yeast from the East

The student ordered the bits I couldn’t find on Amazon as I refused to go to Waitrose. A few days later we received these .. they accidentally sent us an extra pack of Rude Health granola. Another mound of cardboard was added to my pile. No we are not returning them!

Breakfast for a student 🤦🏽‍♀️

So I became a saleswoman for a few days for my ex husband.. yes you read that correctly. He’s known as the Honey Man in the village with his two new hives . I just happen to mention on five Whatsapp groups that he was selling the most recent crop and before you know it I had a spread sheet with names /orders and was delivering or arranging collections. And did I get anything for that … just the student getting her cut as the very initial idea for him to get a hobby years ago was hers . She keeps mentioning this, she’s going to make a good negotiator. She said she was doing me a favour because she knows I love sales and knew I’d have a spreadsheet going. Well, I do love excel but it has proved to be an interesting project.

Honey orders

The hubby called me Mrs Mop again. I’m seriously going to have to have stern words. It was the day I started a deep clean of our bedroom. I’m not sure what possessed me, spring rolls all over again. When was the last time you moved your bed and vacuumed there! Oh , it’s just us then. Some time later, I’ve cleared all the crates under the beds and shoved them on the landing, refusing re entry. Why do we have so much stuff? #firstworldproblem. I even went to the bottle bank finally and seemed to stand there for ages ! And I don’t even drink any of this. Go figure. It kept me entertained for a while matching white, green and brown bottles into the right slots. It felt like a game show but with no prize at the end other than a tidier passage.

Is that a laptop case from the 80s?

Meeting friends for walks and cycle rides (socially distanced) continues – we now have a budding cycling group Cyclotron. Sounds good . My ambition is always to get back home without falling and without any incidents. A puncture would be an incident as I don’t know how to fix one . That is my next challenge, a mini course how to maintain and fix my bike . I may go in house and see if the hubby wants to barter. I continue with the yoga as it gets more challenging but satisfying.

Wendover Woods
My bike



Question 1: would you queue for hours for a McDonalds? If the answer is yes .. please Unfriend me now x

Question 2: Your eyes are not quite right ? Would you

a) get into your car and drive.

b) make and appointment with an optician

c) get your partner to drive instead

d) call in a favour and get a private taxi.

Question 3: Have you decided who your first 5 people will be? Don’t stress and just spread the love over the week.

NB: I had to go hunting for compost last week . My life is now complete.

NNB I did bake but didn’t want to promote unhealthy eating so sneaking them here ..don’t tell anyone.

Week 8: ROI on spring rolls, the road trip and too much exercise

Hello to you all again. Yes I’m still here at week 8. Hope you are all keeping well and continuing to make the best of this situation, whether you are working long hours, part-time,furloughed and any other status. Hope you are still friends with everyone that is with you? No? Oh well. Try harder. This is the week I put up two fingers to my Apple Watch after last week’s accusation that I wasn’t exercising enough. Rude! I have photo evidence to boot.

Every day this week I’ve either walked, cycled or done yoga or a combination of the three. Everything aches, especially my dodgy ankle/foot but I keep getting told it’s good for me and need to do if I want to continue to eat the amount I am indulging in. I am also sleeping like a log; bed at 10pm, no small talk and the book stays unread. The latter will not make any difference to my attendance at the virtual Book Club.After yoga one morning I asked hubby to do a photo shoot much to his horror. I is a yoga model, in my furloughed world!! It was bloody cold at 7am in the garden. I remain committed to the cause much to everyone’s surprise and wonderment. Well boo hoo to you all and have more faith! And to the hubby, I am not obsessed. It may appear that I am but I am not obsessed. I am on the quest for the sloth pose and when the teacher says, “if you want a little more” ,that will be the cue for the duvet.

Each of the my three bike rides provided plenty of material for you. The first one was with a friend (we’re allowed now, socially distanced). “Don’t worry about the route” she says, “I know my way around the village” she says, “I’ve lived here for years” she says . We definitely got lost and were skirting a local golf course. It was the first day they were open and they were all out in their gear getting away from the families. We ask for direction to Biddenham and the dog walker asks, “where have you come from”. “Biddenham”, we say! He smiles and laughs as I shout, “have only lived here for 22years”. Even the student seemed concerned on my return,”you’ve been gone three hours, it was meant to be 1.5”. Parents please feel free to giggle.

Social distance cycling

During the second ride, my fellow rider manages to fall and times it for when there was an audience. It’s ok she’s not hurt, and the nettle leaves only stung for six hours. Our ride was like a scene from those old Enid Blyton books….. Two (not seven) go on an adventure. The third ride was with the hubby, who has made it his mission to improve my confidence and cycling skills and create adventure . But I’m like the queen when we go out. Hubby carries everything so I can concentrate on the cycling.He rides ahead warning me of enemies and foul hills and narrow paths. Bless him, he knows I’m a fair weather cyclist; it must be dry, sunny, flat, all off road ideally (I hate the roads) a drink stop and ideally a food stop. Other than that I’m happy to go anywhere, anytime and ideally be lied to about how long we are going riding which he does admirably and I know he’s doing it. Not sure how all that works.

Mr Cool

The walks vary and I’ve discovered new parts of Bedfordshire countryside.

I did double denim for one walk as it was so chilly.. I know it’s not a fashion show and I’m nearly 55 but the body was craving something other than leggings.

Double Denim

I’ve been better behaved and have worn leisure gear at all other times . We have even taken to carrying a mini rucksack, a 2.5 hour walk needs a tea break. This increase in exercise (all relative remember) means less time in the kitchen. But you know that whatever I will have cooked will have caused some drama.

Nelly the elephant

So let’s start with the family favourite; the vegetable quiche which nearly didn’t get made. In regular style I get all the ingredients ready and realise there are no eggs. Not really a problem as I was going for my favourite social activity later that day; Sainsbury’s. I meandered towards the eggs aisle and look in horror as it is bare. Did I miss something? When did we move from toilet rolls to eggs ?? Stay calm Seema there are other shops. I see my till friend and moan about the eggs and she sympathises. I make a dash for the smaller Sainsbury’s. Have to queue outside. Grrrr… the quiche is slipping away . I finally get in and go straight to the right aisle and there they are, eggs! Lots of them. Quiche is back on. I am on track the pastry is blind baked with baking paper and beans. The beans are removed. I egg wash the pastry , and bake for another few minutes. Did you spot the fact that I didn’t remove the baking paper 🤦🏽‍♀️! Anyway spotted it just before filling with vegetables. No quiche next week and perhaps for a while.

The quiche has arrived

Later in the week I decided, not sure quite sure what possessed me to make vegetarian spring rolls from the Prashad cookbook. I can’t explain what made me do it. I had all the ingredients and happen to buy the pastry sheets on my last trip to the indian shop. As you know I’m trying to become a 10/10 housewife and that requires that you must have all random ingredients in your store cupboard. A little like the Domestic Goddess Nigella . You many only use an ingredient once and then in next clearout out it goes. So the gazillion ingredients were prepped for this recipe. I got out the pastry sheets and as required kept them in the damp towel. I painstakingly filled and rolled 20 of the sheets. At 10 I wondered why had I started this? Perhaps we can just make toasted sandwiches with the filling? But I finished the 20 and even baked some of them. They were delicious but the ROI (return on investment) of my time I think is poor even with home made coriander chutney. Perhaps I’m using the wrong equation?

Spring roll ? Go to London Sweet Centre

And then on Friday I decided to make Bakewell Tart. Only because Mark Avery teased me with his efforts and it looked so tempting and not to mention the fact that it had been at least a week since I had baked. Standards were slipping. So I measured out everything on Friday morning to get to it after my walk and our road trip . I didn’t get to it until dinner time and I was so busy talking that I didn’t add all the flour I had weighed. Then I wondered why the pastry didn’t work. Both student and hubby rolled their eyes and questioned my sanity as to why I would attempt this at 9pm on a Friday. I cleared up and went to watch Gogglebox. Energised after my 6am yoga class on Saturday I started again with the sweet pastry . I now had 2 egg whites waiting for me for brekkie . Anyway the pastry would not roll, kept cracking. So I decided to put it in fridge. Sent an SOS to my baking helpline (no response). Had my breakfast and tried again. A little better but still didn’t roll. Stay calm, seems to be the week 8 Mantra. You can do this. What to do! So I just rolled as much as I could and then just pushed the pastry around the tin with my fingers. Hey ho! Whatever it takes. Anyway it tasted blooming marvellous , I know so because it was for 12. There are 3 here. One is not eating cake. That leaves 2. So being a feeder , I shared. Who knew that Bakewell Tart was so many people’s favourite and would be the cause of PRST (pastry rolling stress disorder).

The scrummy Bakewell Tart

I was late to the party in finding out about the opening of our my favourite Indian takeout in Bedford . On Thursday , I got whiff off it and and within a few minutes I had passed on the intelligence.It was the most rewarding task of my week.So those that live in Bedford or have known me for a while will know that Bala is place I get the samosas and our Friday night takeouts. In return for my news I heard back about another takeout place being open (god damn it had been open all the while 😂). I get spring rolls from there – you can see how cruel this timing was for me. By 5pm I had ordered . By 6pm I was collecting for 4 people and was the dealer for Bala and London Sweet Centre takeaways. Home cooking is good but takeaways are in another league.

So when you dream of a road trip, you imagine being in a convertible zooming along a lovely long road far far away with music drowning the wind and the sound of the engine. Perhaps a scarf keeping your hair in tact. Back to reality …this road trip was with my hubby on Friday, in a VW Golf down the M1! We get into the car and then don’t turn around within 10minutes – Bedford isn’t that big so the car must have realised something was either wrong or lockdown is over. The last time I saw my beloved M1 was on the 16th March. Well it was all just normal, nothing special , nothing has changed, same cars , just no jams. And it was the same on the M25 and M4. Not sure how I thought I would feel but it was just meh ? We collected mail and some bits from the flat, including two bowls and a cake stand; you can never have enough bowls 😉. Then onto Southall to Papa’s house to collect mail and check the house. We rescued his supply of beer and snacks. What an anticlimax that road trip was.

The student handed in her dissertation earlier this week, much relief and celebration. She surprised me again by arriving downstairs by 10.30am on some days. She has become so motivated by fitness and healthy eating. She keeps sending me recipe ideas.I wonder if I’ve influenced her? The whiteboard has been re-created for abs and full body workouts. Her runs are getting longer. No junk is being eaten, more for us and no need to hide anymore. Student has been creating some rather colorful salads and interesting recipes ; she just hadn’t learnt the art of bowlage (the creative and practical use of bowls to prepare ingredients for a recipe).

Prawn Salad ans Corn Fritter Ingredients

And in general news some entrepreneurial girls in the neighborhood have started a car cleaning racket. They are so good that we’ve booked them for a monthly slot. The smell of money to the young is so appealing that lie ins are a thing of the past- well that’s the rumor going round.

Girls hard at work

The Bedford tip has re-opened. Hoorah. But hold on you need to book an appointment. I can imagine the conversations, “Yes madam what do you have …. ummm bottles and cardboard. Does Thursday at 4.20pm suit? But we will need the bay back at 4.40pm.” The Garden Centres are open – I wish we had a bigger garden (#first world problem). But either way we are going, one day soon I hope, one can never have enough compost especially as we await the arrival of the Veg Trug during week 9.

As more of you go back to work in a safe manner. I wish you well. At least it will stop all those people who just come and loiter at your desk without invitation. Make enough room for a personal tea station as you won’t be allowed to go into the kitchens. Please don’t ruin your street cred by taking a flask!!


Seema -staying alert !!

NB1 Has anyone seen Boris recently ?

NB2: Rishi Sunak are you sure you’re a Tory

NB3:Good luck today anyone working in London trying to social distance.

Week 7: The 999 call, size isn’t everything and afternoon tea anyone ?

Can’t go wrong with mangoes

Helllooooo…… this was the week that lethargy was starting to set in and had to be addressed quickly ! My watch told me at the end of Monday how disappointed it was in my progress during various points during the day. Try harder and it’s not too late!! What are you my PT or my growing belly ? Anyway annoyingly it worked … I just don’t want to engage further with a watch. It’s bad enough that I’m talking to the student and the hubby more than normal.

Leave me alone

On a similar note are we all quizzed out and running out of responses for, “how are you” and “what’s new”? Responses such as “I’m fine” and “nothing” works I find. The fact that I have taken to enjoying my outings to Sainsbury’s and actively search out one particular till lady….we have our weekly catch-ups and discuss my food choices and our families. I can even scan my own Nectar card now. She’s very nice. This reminds me to tell you about the biggest compliment I’ve had this week from a friend (well, she says it was a compliment). Apparently I make an ‘event out of everything’ (© Debbie Acquaye). Is that me being a drama queen ? I would also like add that I attempt making the ordinary extraordinary. Has someone already said that? I bet they have and if not why not? Enough about me. All very self indulgent this week.Let’s move onto the student.

I’ve saved this from last week for you as my word count was too high ! The student provided additional entertainment on 1st May. So she left for her run, returns and is very happy to have done her PB for 5k. She’s not a runner by choice you see. As we were getting a breakdown her dad calls in a panic asking if she is ok. Of course she is ok. The police are at his house as they’ve had an abandoned 999 call from her number – they can hear heavy breathing on the message. He tells them she’s not there and happy for them to search the house!! The police then go back to Bedford Park, origin of the call and then they come here. The student is mortified and hugely embarrassed and very apologetic about wasting their time. She had accidentally dialled the emergency number with her sweaty palm whilst running and the noises were just her panting !Thankyou police for your vigilance in these times. I so love having the student here; never a dull moment. And to be honest we need her here to stop us losing on the weekly quiz. She did leave us for a week because we were so bad; we were holding her back apparently. She did better on her own the following week but a bit of bribery always works and we are united once again. Competitive, us ?

Shall we venture into the kitchen which I have had to share this week. Not saying that I mind but I am feeling a little territorial. I made the Mary Berry deconstructed Apple Crumble. Don’t you know what that is? You cook the apple and the topping separately? Two lots of washing you say. But worth that extra space in the dishwasher. I haven’t made apple crumble since I was about 12 when I forgot to peel the apples !! The trauma has obviously scarred me.

Apple and mango&strawberry crumble

I’ve supplied various curries this week and used kale and Thai basil. I’ve changed !

Curry corner

The student made us the healthiest meal of the lockdown. I wonder if you can guess what it involved? Ofcourse it’s couscous. But to her credit it looked beautiful and tasted good: couscous with mint, cucumber and tomatoes with aubergine with a tahini based dressing ( Waitrose recipe 😳)and roast veg. I don’t recall eating like this as a student?

The heathy couscous

Then hubby promised us a cauliflower cheese because there was a cauliflower in the fridge ! Good start. But after he had cleaned it he came looking bewildered and shouting what is this? It was the size of a grapefruit! Our expectations were lowered, lots of kale was added (Pret we miss you) and meal for three was created. He’s good at cauliflower cheese!! Again a solid 8/10 for that meal and surprisingly there were no leftovers.

Spot the cauliflower

I had been good and not baked for two days and then remembered we had a team Afternoon Tea on Wednesday. Who doesn’t love a theme – or it just me? The venue was to be Zoom, well at least you don’t have to book months in advance. I was so excited to see the whole team again. I made savoury muffins, the pineapple cake again and a cucumber sandwich.

The BHETA team
Sweet or savoury ?

Teapot with cup and saucer and not a mug. Hair straightened instead of being bunched up, one has to make an effort. It didn’t look strange at all as I sat in the lounge by myself with this array of food. The event reminded us all I think how we miss seeing each other in person. But the cake and the tea helped lessen the pain.

Come on down

Staying with themes . We were trapped on Sunday as the rain gods came upon us and turned me to food and the kitchen again. The Gujarati snack station evolved. Now I have everything one could need to create a mini feast. Fried Mogo – Cassava in the freezer ! Patra tins. Fenugreek leaves and banana bhajiyas (pakoras). But I have no sesame seed or mint chutney; I have hung my head in shame. But I substitute with a homemade coriander chutney. I was tempted to make spring rolls but the damn pastry was in the freezer. Roll on week 8!

Snack attack

The hubby was on good form this week. He had decided to order some wine from France. I don’t actually drink wine myself, just saying. The student only drinks Sauvignon Blanc . Where have the days of Blue Nun and Liebfraumilch gone? She did however like the taste of a rose …so he ordered 15 bottles (white & rose)I ask why so many especially as he is trying the Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday only drinking. Wouldn’t it be easier to say which days you won’t drink? He proudly announced that it was free delivery for 15 bottles.I raise an approving glance.

Drink ?

I then made him watch a Bollywood film with subtitles. I think he’s not grasped our love of high drama otherwise he would not have said … “that’s a real coincidence those lost brothers meeting”!! Those that know Bollywood will know that people separate as children, find each other again as adults supported by some fab songs and dances along the way. Anyway I think he seemed happy enough choosing his favourite leading lady from the three glamorous heroines.

To get him back I made him move some pots around in the garden and do some more planting as I remained creative director. The seeds are out and the sunflowers are now in the ground, my babies.

Coriander and sunflowers

We did have two glorious days over the Bank Holiday which allowed us to be outdoors and again realised how lucky we were to have a small garden and be near a river, park and country walks. Bedford is beautiful as I keep telling you.

Beautiful Bedford

Did anyone else get confused over Friday, which felt like a Saturday but was meant to be a Monday? Did you all celebrate VE Day? We had a mini gathering on our road. As a neighbour said it took a pandemic for people to come out , the irony. The police van drove by and didn’t stop. They weren’t going to mess with us … socially distanced and not enough alcohol. The joys of town living. I love the community that has been created. The entrepreneurial spirit…car washing , sharing deliveries and supporting local businesses. We even came out at 9pm to sing We’ll meet again badly, but it’s the trying that counts.

VE Day

And I leave you with the long awaited announcement from Boris. He had called in the weather gods again to reenforce the message to stay in or was it go out but be alert ?The graphic department were truly working hard to demonstrate the danger levels …. god help us. I’m sure I saw an equation too; Boris + announcement = 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️. We have a new R map! Will we be following this like the accurate weather map daily ? No end to lockdown . So no change then? Unless you work from home , you can carry on working from home. But if you build or construct you can cycle/walk or drive to work but don’t take a bus. But then why are buses running? I have a headache so I’ll stop. But you can exercise for longer . Jeez isn’t one hour enough and I can do that at home?

Label the axis

I look longingly out to our small garden and will be doing the sun dance tomorrow. Please join me via zoom at 5am. PM your email if you are up for that ?

Rain gods at work

I will leave you to work out who asked, “can’t you use turmeric instead of saffron?” and enjoy the lovely peonies I found, actually paid for at Sainsbury’s.


Seema (9/10 Housewife)- do you like my new signature ? I may have slipped to a 7 this week.

Have you noticed that there seems to be less gratitude for the key workers on the tele. More about recriminations. Those who should know what is right seem to be straying and stumbling.

Week 6:The mangoes have landed, part-time housewife and the lightbulb 💡 moment!

Hello …HELLO…. is anyone there? Are you hanging on in there. I’ve read lots on social media, other sources are available!! The mantra this week was to ‘be kind’, not just to yourself but to others, even if they happen to be a student, a husband or someone who has been furloughed. Oh, what a coincidence that happens to be this household.

It felt as if the government had called in the rain gods to stop us from venturing outside and having bbqs and picnics. I remembered little moment of madness or nightmare! This is what I could look like at the end of all this isolation.

Oh dear .. do you like my earrings?

It’s on rainy days that you start to wonder …can we go out , can’t we go out , when will be able to go out, how will be able to go out, will we have a car each going forward, will I ever see my physio again (forget friends) !! Someone please help Boris to decide.

I’ll start with a confession, best to be honest from the start. I broke the rules , I bought pizza on my Monday shopping trip. The student raised her eyebrows when she saw the purchase and directed me to the list of ‘don’ts’. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I hadn’t really digested her unilateral list! Although admittedly I had walked past the crisps and the Indian snack aisle gallantly.😉 And as we sat down to our first pizza in weeks with coleslaw, potato salad, mixed salad and corn-on-the cob, I didn’t hear a single word of complaint.

The evidence

And kitchen adventures, well they are not really adventures are they ? Just a few recipes with nice pics that ensure that my lovely bowls get an airing and cooking times are 20% longer to fill the days. So, who’s made a Spanakopita before ? 1lb of spinach is a lot of spinach let me tell you. Thank goodness there were no limits on spinach buying. Then 2 packets of feta and one of ricotta. Any ridiculous amounts of dill, I bet not many of you have even used dill. Anyway, to push on with the adventures I used half of the filling with shortcrust pastry (don’t tell the purists) basically because the filo was in the freezer ! The second day I used the filo.

Spinach anyone?

Then it was the turn of the ‘not just one small aubergine.’ Look at the number of ingredients and the amazing colours: how could anyone not enjoy doing this! I suggest clearing of diary as you cut and fill the little buggers. It tasted fab but not for anyone with a nut allergy.

Not one small aubergine

I behaved and only baked once this week. It was the Mary Berry Banana (you know the fruit we were running out of early on in lockdown!!) and pecan loaf. Well, actually it was Banana and Walnut, who has pecans hanging around?It was well received but the student did request that I “upped my dessert repertoire, it’s not al about cakes.” Be kind !

No pecan cake

Now that you sitting comfortably … this will help you if you have older children and if you have younger ones it will give you hope. There is always hope. On the 29th April 2020 the student woke up at 10am and ate lunch at lunchtime. That’s all I’m saying. Then on the 30th April she did it again. Don’t look surprised,that’s a trap. Just a casual acceptance at this stage and a teeny approval. She is finishing her dissertation but that was not to blame. She has had a lightbulb moment, an epiphany you might say and explained (may have come as a result of decluttering her life so far) it thus; if I get up earlier I can do more in the day. Hallelujah! 🙏🏽 and FFS and rolling of the eyes all in one. But no ‘about bloody time’ or ‘I told you so’ or ‘all those wasted hours’ from me. But the victory is ours ..inside. She then proceeds to go for a run and make cookies in the same day and announces, “what do you do all day mum?” She then sent me a recipe for Sweet Potato Curry; I’m waiting for it to be made and ofcourse we have sweet potatoes, doesn’t everyone.

I think the yoga may have broken me physically, especially my shoulders. But I was watching SAS Celebrity thingy and Anthea Turner at 59 was so impressive and very inspirational. No don’t worry no chance of me doing anything like that – hate the cold and wet together. Can deal with cold. Can deal with wet but separately. And anyway I would probably cry at the first graze or cut or bump! The exercise schedule has settled into a rhythm at the house . The student started running again and has put together an ab crunch routine!! The hubby is doing something every day; just a keep fit junkie. We go for another bike ride and I manage not to fall. Gears are great aren’t they! We manage to see half of Bedford and experience the lovely people of this town but also the numpties. 2m is this long ! And if you’re on a narrowish path let’s both share the load.I’m not going into the bloody stinging nettles for any Tom, Dick or Harry.

But all else is fine. I finally unpacked my travel bag 😂. Always the optimist. Not sure when I will be getting my travel size bits ready again. Any my car just sits on the drive without the ‘cardrobe’. It must be wondering what on earth is going on, no motorways for weeks. The garden is progressing nicely with some of my flowers now in bloom. The sunflower plants are doing nicely along with the coriander. Some of the seeds are coming up in the trays but the labels got mixed up ?!?! Hmmm… Daisy salad anyone? Exciting news , I have a due date for my veg trug.

In bloom

See you at the end of week 7 and if you need any self raising flour pm me !! And I’ll let you know if there will be another delivery from Mr X from Milton Keynes. Enterprising chap kindly did a group delivery of Indian groceries and ingredients and mangoes (my first love). All done with social distancing in mind but can’t help thinking it may have looked a little dodgy meeting in a car park ? Perhaps he should deliver direct to each customer next time; no let’s stay looking dodgy and get a glimpse of another real life human from another town.

Car full of deliveries

But I leave you with the fact that I got a 9/10 from the hubby as we ate our Sunday morning brunch of home made pakoras and masala tea (him not me, can’t stand it myself). Wow Seema ! But for what I hear you ask ? For being a housewife, cooking cleaning and fridge management (minimal waste). The police may be needed again ….we will be picking this up again!! I take back the “be kind “….



We continue to be grateful to our carers and those people that are rising to the top of the pile… so I must mention Colonel Tom at 100. If anyone needs an injection of inspiration or motivation just take note. And I won’t be churlish and not mention baby Wilfred. It’s not his fault his dad’s a Boris. Just realising my sign offs are becoming ridiculously long !

Week 5: Padded shorts, the new snack rules and the missing raspberries

Hello everyone, how goes it? Zoomed out, TV’d out, Lockdowned out… but hopefully still safe and healthy 😊.

Courtesy of Gabriella Papworth

Apologies for the delay. There has been high drama in the kitchen already this morning. No milk for my morning PG tips tea. No I don’t want almond milk but thank you for asking. I also don’t want a black tea or even a black coffee; you know I don’t drink coffee! You should know that both the hubby and the student use alanine and oat milk so for once I have only myself to blame; I am the official shopper. So toast and water it was. At least my sugar intake for today will be lower. Stop rolling your eyes, yes, I still take sugar. Anyway, moving on to last week.

The student had some fabulous news this week. She got her place to do a Masters in Public Health at Kings College London. How could I not mention this?Jumping on the current bandwagon you say! We think she will certainly be studying Covid 19 so will surely have plenty of study material. There will be a point when the student will earn her own money, but not just yet – a gap year, three year degree and now a masters. The bank of mum & dad and stepdad are ready and waiting, of course we are! The student also decided after many years to declutter her room. Eighth wonder of the world. And then last night, possibly because I had been on a cooking fest again, she declared that because we are getting treats and good home cooked food (that’s a ‘Thank you’ in disguise) there should be no snacks purchased. So check the list. We are allowed carrot sticks & hummus, nuts and home made popcorn. The hubby and I met early this morning and planned to hide some “snacks” in our bedroom and then I declare that as long as we get rid of any evidence we can eat what we want before lunchtime. Phew!! Message me if you need any advice but don’t judge me for eating junk.

Student at work

This leads me nicely into the kitchen adventures for this week. After being in the housewares industry for many years I have a well equipped kitchen. And because I’m Indian, my spice and ingredient cupboard is well stocked; the intention has always been there. Those that know me understand that I am never far from food; preferably cooked by others .I have now developed my favourite bits of kit and one day I will share these. On the menu this week were some old favourites and some new recipes shared by friends. The good old spring veg quiche always goes down a treat. I cooked with frozen okra for the first time; but the hubby still finds them slimy. The student and I look at him as if he’s a lost cause. I made shahi paneer for the first time; this is the calorie laden rich creamy dish; subbing coconut milk may have helped slighted. Aubergine bharta from charring them on the hob for a smoky taste; note open windows. I successfully made bhaturas, which is a type of deep fried Indian bread. Then I made Gulab Jamuns for the first time (mummy will be looking down wondering what has happened to her daughter). These are the sweet dumpling dessert in sugar syrup that are just yummy. One error and I was left with big brown balls. I recall many years ago embarrassing my father in a restaurant and asking for them to be heated and served with icecream. Now this is the norm; I was ahead of the times.

Cakes , brown balls and restaurant at home
It’s ok we freeze and spread the load

Because of the new baking laws that are now in place I bake one day in the week. Thursday came and the two family favourites- one Lemon Drizzle and one Almond & Raspberry were on the agenda. Oh, and second Gluten Free Almond & Raspberry once I got the GF flour for a friend. All ingredients ready and bowls filled. The lemon drizzle is baked in the morning and then I go off to do the weekly shop. Raspberries are on the list – plans could be ruined if I could not get them. Back in the kitchen a few hours later, I mixed and listened to music. All cakes in the oven just before 8pm, result! Do our clapping and relax. The student is looking forward to her treat as these were for her to celebrate her success. Actually she had asked for banoffee pie but who’d have thought condensed milk would be out of stock? Roll onto 9pm and there is no waiting for cake to cool and hubby cuts into it. I stare at it and then look some more…I then shout, “there’s no raspberries.!” I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry (not a sad sort of cry, don’t worry). The student warms up a few raspberries , places them next to her slice and just carries on….Too traumatised to make the second one that night I left it for Friday morning. And remembered to use GF flour and raspberries.

The DIY efforts form the hubby have been puny this week. He varnished the wooden step at the front door and the one at the back; only to have the student and myself to step on them! I really need to find some other jobs for him. Our small garden is looking lush for April. The sunflower seeds are no longer seeds and embracing the world. The coriander is coming up nicely. I have planted out seeds on trays for broad beans, spinach, daisies and dahlias. A random bunch you may say but you should know me by now. The blackbird has been trying to take over the shed. She is obviously upgrading from a nest. Oh and I’ve ordered a bloody veg trug but there is no delivery date . Like many around the country we have gone garden crazy. I will admit it: I like Garden’s World. I have warned the hubby that the trug will require his handy woodwork skill. Well, he has some time to get used to the idea. I just need to allow for extra time and leave him in complete isolation when the time comes.

All green and yellow

On the keeping healthy front, I continue with my yoga efforts through the free online classes our teacher is running. The phrase “if you want a little more” will haunt me. No thank you, I think, I am happy in this current position and can’t do more. The 5.30am starts four days of the week is the norm now; and it’s not even to beat the traffic on the M1,M25,M3 or the bloody M6. I have had the pleasure of commuting. We are now on number 20 morning Strength and Sculpt class. For those mathematicians amongst you that is 5 months worth of weekly classes 😳 🧘🏽‍♀. The benefit of these early mornings is that there is more time to fill. I won’t mention that on the remaining 3 days we have evening classes (confession I have not made all the Friday evening ones). But then last Friday the hubby took the day as holiday and suggested a bike ride. And for him a bike ride is long and fast, but he knows that he’s going out with me and managed his expectations. So clad in my (all the gear no idea) padded shorts, helmet and sunglasses. But no panic on the hairy legs front with this 2m social distancing! Great result on ride as no injuries, great weather but I will be requesting a gel seat!!

Bedford at its best

Top tips from papa “you must exercise every day and keep to a routine and if a recipe doesn’t come out right first time, you can correct it second time.”

As we head into week 6, stay calm. Learn to carry on and the art of patience. Learn the art of letting go and accepting this time as a gift. I’ve rediscovered some of the music I used to listen to as a student. Hands up for Genesis and Terence Trent D’Arby!!! And not forgetting my love of Bollywood songs. And as some of you assumed I wasn’t a sloth I’m having to prove you right by not sitting in the sun or even having a nap here and there….

Some of my faves

Continue to be grateful and especially on the fact that I am not a US citizen !



Will be clapping extra hard on Thursday as it must be hard to stay focused and energised and protecting and caring for the vulnerable. The country is behind you. 💕

Week 4: The Hero, the Sloth and the Pretend Veg Patch

Hello , how are we all? Whatever your status I hope you are safe and well.

So far I have mused and tried to keep my musings pretty jolly, well I hope I have. However this week I would like to mention the new super heroes.This was starkly demonstrated when a friend sent a photo of her husband . This is him in full PPE in ICU. A true hero amongst many.There was also the sadness of the death of pregnant nurse Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong, but the joy of hearing of her newborn that she leaves. I do not know her but wish her family and friends strength and love.

I make sure that I am there with a pan and ladle every Thursday at 8pm- as hubby says your can take a girl out of Southall …”. What is there left to say ….all those that are working in tough conditions need the tools. Simples ! Right ? I will let you watch the debate continuing along with the hours of news updates. Whether it is beneficial to wear or not wear a mask – I was all ready for another accessory in my wardrobe. Just think of all the possibilities; saving on lipsticks, do you match earrings, your shirt or just go all out with a jazzy fabric that was once a tablecloth. I will send you a photo of mine next time.

In Bedford there is huge network of kindness where people are collating material for bags and scrubs, which are then being distributed to those in most need. We are now making friends with hundreds if not thousands of strangers. Community groups are cooking meals everyday for the key workers . Local businesses are trying to find ways of supporting the people so it makes staying at home easier ; yes wine deliveries are available and so is bread and cake. Shopping for some elders in the community gives me a warm feeling and provides plenty of laughs. The elderly lady has now sent me on a mission to find some headbands; she is so used to going to have her hair done weekly that she’s referring to herself as the sheepdog. I admire the fact that she loves cake and flowers. I think we can be friends. I must remember not to buy any hard fruit for her, “as the teeth don’t like it”.

Ok so back to chez Grantham. Firstly I can report that there are still three people living in the house. The student, the hubby and myself. We did however have a day that we hardly saw each other so I was beginning to wonder if someone had escaped. But it was a much needed break. And when we did meet, greetings were short and sharp. Absence makes the heart grow fonder apparently? We are back into the swing of our routine now, each performing to type.

The weekly shopping trips continue and I ventured to our local Asian grocery store as one the Auntijis needed some bits and I was desperate to try Dishoom’s Okra Fries (non essential). I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of people in the store, it’s all about timing and luck. Again I found myself saying to a man, “please keep your distance”. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a line I use normally .He looked at me totally bemused, not realising that he had to wait until I got my head out of the deep freeze. He’s obviously been hibernating. But I got my okra, a very happy girl. Only one cake this week, but what a cake it was. The pineapple upside down cake must be a favourite for many and brings back memories of school. The hunt for flour had started again and finally found some at our local small Sainsbury’s (pm me and I will send you their postcode). I am not encouraging unnecessary driving people. And to support one of our favourite holiday destination in Sicily we decided to order some olive oil. Just a tad excessive but one less thing for me to buy.

My cooking efforts continue with a mixture of own recipes , from friends and my favourite cookbooks Prashad and Dishoom. Perhaps if I mention the latter enough I may get lifetime entry without queuing? Those who know just know. I have surprised myself at the ingredients I already had at home, the intention was always there you see. There is definitely no shortage of equipment for obvious reasons. We ate well again this week, and for that we remain thankful. From Mexican to Italian to Indian as you can tell from the photos. My obsession with bowls gets mixed reactions. Anything from ‘loving it’ to ‘what about all the washing’. To be clear I love my little bowls, from various holidays bringing back happy memories. I’m sure they are feeling loved and useful. The highlights of the week were my Saag Paneer and the pineapple cake. Not a salad in sight. Although the student made a great mezze effort one evening. Is that really cooking though? 🤷🏽‍♀️ And when it came go hubby’s turn to cook last night he made an all day breakfast with the main ingredient being 5 Bean Baked Beans. That was an accidental purchase on my part but never going back to a single bean tin. It was surprisingly good – beans on toast with mushrooms.

The other adventures in the kitchen continued. My OCD has led me to clean the hob till it gleams. I’m working on the oven trays now , armed with Brillo ! The student’s OCD is directed towards the surfaces . The hubby is oblivious still and continues to leave mugs with tea bags, who does that? I suppose people who like strong tea. Salt & vinegar crisps were becoming a point of tension between the hubby and student . Both decided that they would mark the packets to ensure peace and harmony. It has been decided that no more chocolate or biscuits are entering the house; they are not essential!!

The garden project is now in full swing (that’s a relative comment so don’t judge me) with the student making comments about the ridiculous number of pots that are now planted up. If there is still a pot hiding anywhere in our small garden, come and be known. Your garden needs you! Seeds have been ordered and not planted yet except the sunflowers which have begun to come alive. My coriander is having a little think about whether to show it’s face – it just may need more sun. You can’t rush this gardening thing … I might plant some seeds today. Anyway onto our micro veg patch. I see myself as the project manager and the hubby as the “labour”. He was out there with sticks, string, spade and top soil. And would you believe it the neatest ever veg patch was created. I planted out cauliflower (note to self, keep list of cauliflower recipes)and onions. Peppers and tomatoes are in the shallow trugs and in a bag. Need to plant the cabbages, not sure whose bloody idea that was ? I will keep you posted as to how we get on. The Good Life but without the chickens, goats and manure; there is a limit to everything. The garden looks lush and green and I believe we have a flying friend trying to make a nest at the back within the jasmine and tall grass in the planters. Need to restart our bird feed tray; jeez another head to feed.

I made the fatal mistake of tackling the jewellery (not diamonds and pearls, I’m not extravagant or rich) collection. Those who know me well can probably remember the abundance of bracelets and earrings and much more. I shall NOT be buying anymore. How to segregate? Silvers , golds, colours, Indian , bracelets, single earrings looking for their partners and a box for those that need repairs. Expensive presents long forgotten; shame on me. So if we have a zoom call I shall be modelling as many earrings as possible.

And finally back to food, tip from my papa from India was that if you can’t find plain flour sieve chappati flour using a fine cloth (not silk). The sieved flour is what you need. Voila! He’s decided to change his evening exercise routine and switched from the static bike to walking for forty five minutes on the roof. You have to love his dedication to the cause and his discipline. Perhaps some of this has rubbed off and is what makes me get up four times a week at 5.30am for yoga at 6am. I’ll be more than happy to take on more of his traits that can stop be from being a sloth, which creeps up on me.

Sloth – noted for its slowness of movement. That’s me. Slow and deliberate. Spread the load people … there are seven days in the week.🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥

Have a happy, healthy one.



Forever grateful to anyone who is still working to support us.

An unnecessary battle and Payal loses her heart

Who would have thought that amidst all the chaos and the nonsense of these last few months Payal would fall in love. Let me clarify, we think it’s love! She loves her Abba, she loves the Pearls , she loves King Irap and Queen Yana and not forgetting her water people.

But the fact is she’s never had this feeling of pure excitement and sheer nerves combined before. Well not until he had arrived. He had spent months here. Why? He was King Irap’s friend. He, too had royal blood in him but didn’t fancy it. He had other things he wanted to do ! Good grief one of those; a bit like her then. All the ladies of the court were whispering about him; his eyes , his hair, his nose, his height , his voice, his presence. It was just sheer nonsense. How could women be so silly and this is the reason why she never wanted to marry and get involved with men; it was all too complicated and drawn out. He was just a man. But she would concede that he was a gentleman, well at least what she saw of him. And yes he was very beautiful but so were a lot of things in life.

She suddenly realised she had lost time with these irrelevant thoughts and felt annoyed. She mustn’t forget her duty. Most of all she reminded herself she cared for the land and the creatures; people just seemed to taken them for granted. They were all so busy farming , fishing , gathering , hunting and just enjoying the bounty that was offered to them that they didn’t seem to notice how tired the earth had become . She could feel her tiredness and the silent cry for help…What could Payal do? It was such a big task; she could not do it by herself. The responsibility was crushing her.

The craziness and misery out in the lands was still continuing. The children were covering their ears. Their ears hurt. The distant battle noises could still be heard. What was the point of it all? She was still trying to understand herself. The Kings had fallen out with each other; each blaming the other for the months of hardship their people had suffered.

Karta had rivers running dry; the sun seemed to be so angry. Trees were bearing virtually no fruit and the harvests were non existent. Toova was so cold that the people were shivering to death and the trees and farmlands looked barren and forlorn. Toova’s animals and birds had disappeared into the jungles for shelter, for they were still intact. The earth was protecting its own. But the people were too scared to go into the jungle themselves. In Julat, floods followed one after each other. Farmlands were drowned and reserves were slowly running out. More and more people were sheltering with family as they lost their homes to the water; mother earth was crying.

It was all very strange and desperately sad. It felt like a bizarre dream but infact it was the worst nightmare anyone had lived through. Diplomats and courtiers had been meeting to no avail. The problem was that no one really knew what to do. The Earth , the Waters and Sky seemed to be on collision course with oblivion. And because they could not find a solution the Kings started to fight each other and increased the vengeful and accusatory remarks towards each other. Each saying the other had mistreated the land and animals and made the Gods angry. So the outcome of all this was that people were scared and the food and resources were slowly running out. If they had talked openly and honestly they could have shared what each had whilst working on an answer that would benefit them all.

Payal walked into the courtroom and saw the King and Queen standing on the side, gazing through the largest window in the room out onto their magnificent garden. It still looked lush and magical; she may have had a hand in that. Then she saw him and stopped. It was too late , the group of three had heard her and looked towards her direction. The queen beckoning her friend over, “Payal, look, isn’t the garden looking wonderful . I think I would die if anything happened to it. It brings so much joy and comfort to everyone. These two are talking of battles and how much longer we can stay out of this nonsense. Isn’t there anything you can do?” Payal was dressed in a simple yellow tunic and black pants. Her long hair was scrunched up in a bun. She didn’t realise how beautiful she looked; always looked. She tried to ignore Ortil’s gaze; was it just an ordinary gaze? She focused on the seriousness of the conversation. So after much debate it was agreed that Payal would accompany the King and Prince Ortil to the next assembly of the Kings of the regions. Or were they accompanying her?.We all know the answer to that. Payal knew that she would have to use all her powers to plead with the Kings to stop fighting. If not she would just have to think of something else.

Payal walked back to her rooms and thought about her beloved Pearls. The Pearls had been ok so far in Toova. Parvati had been looking after Desiree and Sheeba but the supply of woods for the fire were dwindling and rations were drying up. Their village was close to the jungle and bordered Toova. Parvati knew that she would have to take the girls into the jungle by the end of the week. She had no choice. She was brave and confident that no harm would come to the Pearls. They were pure of heart. When the day came the girls packed the last remnants of food and what bedding they could carry comfortably and stood ready waiting for Parvati to show them the way. The village was empty; those that had survived had packed their things and left for somewhere. They walked not very far and entered the edges of the jungle . They held hands and walked in a line into a shadowy dark world. Their faces brushed against branches and twigs and the cuts stung. But the girls did not complain and kept walking and chattering with each other. Tiredness finally set in and they sat against the trunk of a tree. Parvati set down the lamp she had been carrying . They looked around and couldn’t see much at all. They each took out a sheet from their packs and lay down. All trying to be brave and pretend this was just a normal day. They didn’t know but during the night Desiree was wrapped up by the Owl, Parvati by the Bear and Sheeba by the tiger. They kept them warm during the cold nights and disappeared by morning. They had promised Payal that no harm would come to the girls. Food, well, they never seemed to be hungry. Their new home became a little clearing in this vast jungle. Strips of light found their way to give them hope. On the third day Desiree walked a little further and found herself in a clearing with a stream. The water looked cool and as she dropped her hand into the water and gently moved it some fish came along. She said hello but ofcourse they could not hear her. The fish could hear Desiree humming and gently singing above the water. They darted around each other smiling and forgot the recent dark days. Desiree promised she would be back the following day. The girls talked and told stories and sometimes just danced. They just waited to receive a sign to say they could return home; Payal would make sure they would be safe.

The day came for King Irap, Prince Ortil and Payal to leave for the summit. The Queen was anxious and fussed around Irap and Payal. Payal saw the amused look on Ortil’s face; but she was sure he was feeling left out. Yana sensed this and put her arms around Ortil and said, “you are the sensible one brother, I’m trusting you to look after these two and yourself.” He gave an affirmative sort of bow and smiled. Payal made her way to the courtyard and the two men followed. Their horses were ready to go. The three would be accompanied by a small party to ensure they did not want for anything during this important trip. After leaving the palace, they made their way towards the border. Their land was just starting to wither; that’s the only way they could describe it. The green grass was not as lush and vibrant as normal. The trees were less upright. There seemed to be fewer birds in the sky. But the people were still going about their normal business. Payal checked again with Irap and the lead adviser on the location of the meeting. It was to be held on the northern section border between Paanivar and Toova. That seemed to be the easiest for all. It meant the contingent from Karta and Julat had equidistant journeys.No group should feel disadvantaged at this stage. As they rode the three spoke at length about the task ahead and strategies they could utilise. However after hours of discussion they would arrive at no concrete conclusion. Payal and Ortil seemed perfectly normal and Irap treated both their views with equal respect ; he had never acknowledged that Payal was a woman. Payal was his confidant, friend and mentor in one.

The group from Paanivar were the last to arrive at the agreed meeting place. It was a big flattish plain that allowed the tents to be set up easily. The accompanying party had pushed ahead and the accommodation had been prepared for the King, Ortil and Payal. A designated time had been agreed for all four Kings and their advisers to meet; just after sunrise. Needless to say Payal was the only woman at the meeting. They all sat in a circle , thick rugs that had been laid to make them comfortable. Payal looked at their faces, they all looked tired , worried and frightened. Were these the same men that had called war on each other? Were these the men that were going to protect their people; young , old and everyone in between. They looked like little boys in men’s bodies. Irap started, “My old and dear friends let us make a commitment to this soil and our people that we will not leave this place until we can agree to stop these wars. It will be only after that we can address the challenges that the Gods have sent us.” Payal felt proud of her old friend. So the words started coming from all directions. It was impossible to hear anything or anyone. Recriminations, accusations, blame, it just continued.

Ortil glanced towards Payal and she saw he was sad but restraining a scowl. Then he was up. It happened in a flash. The noise gone and all eyes were on him. “Your highnesses and other guests, may I suggest you all take it in turns to speak. Excuse my interruption but it is nearly sunset. We have been here all day without any progress.” The three kings looked affronted and then embarrassed. Ortil sat down and hung his head. Irap gently patted his back and whispered something to his old friend. Payal sat wondering at what point she would need to get involved. When would they realise that all they needed to do was just accept that they had been greedy and abused the lands , the seas and the creatures. So they sat through another three days and nights of talking, all pouring out their hearts and complaining about how their people were suffering because of the weather. At this point Payal who had sat quietly got up and started to walk away towards her tent. Ofcourse everyone present knew who she was, she had helped many of them over the years. They looked confused and worried now. They called out to her, dear Payal, don’t leave us. We need your wisdom more than ever.” Payal heard this and looked back and in her calmest and sweetest of voices spoke to them all. She asked them to think carefully about what had they given to the earth and the seas; they had simply taken. She asked them to think how greedy they had been and how wasteful. She carried on with a list that went on for hours. Their heads hung in shame. They did not think they were bad Kings. They thought they had looked after their people. But as Payal laid out her case signs of acknowledgement and acceptance appeared. She told them to go back and change their ways and wait for the earth and sky to respond. Then there was bemusement; the solution was as simple as that? Surely not. But they had no other answers so they nodded and shook hands. The temporary site was abandoned on day five and all four Kings and their entourage rushed back to their kingdoms.

The Kings finally ordered their soldiers to set down their weapons. Instead they formed teams to go out to all corners of their respective lands and talk to the people. They showed them how to farm the land with care and love. How to store food. How and when to fish. How to grow fruit trees vegetables. The old women in the villages showed the younger women recipes that used the fruits and vegetables in season. The greediness of the people started to dissipate and the earth slowly caught up and found a balance. The waters flowed again across all lands. The grass was lush and green and deserts that had been flooded became vast areas of yellow sand dunes again. Payal knew in her heart that this was temporary and the cycle of greed and excess would rear its ugly head again. But for now she was content. The Pearls were back in their home, safe and sound and were bringing happiness to the people by telling the stories of the change through their dance.

Now back to the romance; one day it would have to take priority but for now Payal was happy just to spend time with Ortil along with all the other people at the palace. She was happy not to be forced into alone time just yet.


The art of furlough? What’s in a shed and the Herb Scissors.

Barber at Chez Nous, Buns and Indian
Finds in the shed and staying cultured 😳

So week three brought extra drama. Remember it’s all relative. I was furloughed. I am taking it in my stride. Am sure no one chooses to furlough anyone or wants to be furloughed; it is all about survival. Every day is a non work day. On day one the mind and body were confused and that caused a rather long interlude on the sofa.Even my watch reminds me there are no appointments. How rude ! Do you think evolution of woman can go backwards, I mean a proper retreat? The most important observation from that day is from the Vax advert-no one would wear shoes as they cleaned a pale carpet ! Tell me I’m wrong.

I now find myself In gym gear all day . Especially on the days that 6am yoga is on the cards; it’s so stretchy. I’m ready like a ninja.Doing a stretch, lifting a 4kg weight or going into a yoga pose when the urge grabs me, as I slither from bed to sofa to kitchen back to sofa . My kitchen activity heightened this week. My mission was to create the Dishoom (cool chain of Indian restaurants) experience with their House Black Daal. After hours of boiling said lentils and adding the heart attack inducing amounts of butter and cream I can confirm that it was bloody delicious. I will be making it again sometime during 2021. Then as it was Easter 🐣 it seemed like a good idea to have home made hot cross buns with the help of a friend’s recipe and guidance. I now know what the Bake Off technical challenge feels like. Who knew there were different types of yeast!!! I could have created a kitchen incident. And have you ever proofed? Anyway it was a great way to spend part of Sunday and eat the results in the sun with tea from cup & saucer. How very old fashioned of us.

More food talk ..We now have a meal plan. The student’s OCD is resurfacing . But I’ve managed to negotiate some flex that means we can still have a bit of surprise . I suppose at least it stops us floundering and now that I’m not on the road those stops at the M&S on the motorway services are simply out of the question. I came to truly appreciate how difficult it is for the student. It was the day that I ate the last banana and hubby used the last bit of lettuce. Student declares that it’s like being in a ‘student house’ and threatened to create her own cupboard! Really , I don’t think so …anyway I understand the sentiment and good luck finding a free cupboard I thought. And this is at a point where we’ve never had so much food in the house apart from Christmas. And all because of not wanting to go to Sainsbury’s again for a very very long time.

There are stupid people about. No ifs or buts just fact. We’ve established this is a queue. There is someone in front of me and someone behind me. Definitely a queue; oh and don’t forget the fact that there is 2m between us. So why oh why do you insist on strolling between us? You thought we were letting you pass? Anyway, rant over. Sainsbury’s did well out of me because of that. Why is it that people feel the need to share more than they do normally – and take it from someone who shares too much already. The elderly gentleman (it’s ok I checked why he was out) behind me just wanted to get out of the house; I think it was to escape the daughter who was fussing too much. The other guy was queuing because he could only buy his cat’s favourite food here.🤷🏽‍♀️ He had already done his shopping elsewhere. My crusade to the shop in mask and gloves will continue on another day when I will once again be faced with; ‘I will saunter the aisles without a care’ woman, ‘I will look at you as if you are carrying a gun’ woman, ‘Personal space, what’s that’ woman and ‘ I will smile and be normal as I can be’ man and of course the friendly & helpful staff.

Back at home the hubby decided unilaterally that he was going to clear the shed. He comes out of one man cave to clear another.Remember he had a new toolbox to house. He was very proud of himself – new shelving unit up ! So we now have his area that has all sorts of DIY, bike ,gardening and other sporting bits. I am not to disturb this. Oh and there are now four clever hooks that gang the longer ladder; I was invited to view this. I viewed and praised. It keeps him happy. As you can see things did get a little out of hand. What came out!!! I don’t think we have enough time but let’s just say the trips to the tip will keep him busy after this lockdown. I created a table of goodies from “my finds”. It was a new form of retail therapy. We really have too much stuff and I need to declutter more effectively. There was stuff that had not been seen for nearly eight years. 😳

So the first highlight of the weekend is the introduction of a basketball hoop in the garden. Unfortunately I have to confess that it is not the regulation 10ft in height . Building challenges !! This did traumatise the hubby until I pointed out that it was just a hoop to keep us entertained!! The basketball authorities were not going to be notified by the neighbours. As a 5’4” vs. 6’2” I was never going to win. I had other plans and got carried away in the garden and declared we needed a veg patch. Only issue is the size of the garden. I then started googling those amazing Veg Trugs. I will keep you posted on this project.

And the second highlight of the week but possibly not for the hubby was the visit to chez home barbers, aka the student and myself. With hair trimmers and a pair of herb scissors in hand we set to work.

After the initial hesitation of making him look like a monk, GI Jones emerged. I am particularly chuffed with my performance; the trick is not to give a damn and just get stuck in. It’s important to try new things! And if only I knew that special selling feature all those years ago for those Zyliss Herb Scissors.

If all the above is not enough; you simply cannot escape the plethora of entertainment being thrown our way. Plays, films, musicals, ballets , concerts , museum tours and diy (not quizzes about DIY!!) quizzes. The Indians have got it right. My dad tells me the tv Channel are airing Mahabharata and The Ramayana ; great epics, pure genius. Keeping people like my father still got hours at a time; and let me tell you that’s some feat. And to end our weekend we used yet another connecting platform WebEx to play Scattergories. Creativity knows no bounds and it’s wonderful to see other students supporting their parents in the technological challenges we are all coming to terms with. Let’s see if next week we don’t spend 30mins logging in, looking for people (note to self – use correct email), not running out of charge, and not talking over each other. But it was such fun and it was the craziness that made it more so😉.

So, as we go into week 4… stay safe and don’t judge anyone, even if they start making home made hot cross buns.



Payal, the Greedy Kong and the Two Lost Pearls

I know the title seems as if it’s going to be a complex story. Don’t worry I’ll make sure I don’t lose you. You see I can’t recount this story without involving Payal, the Greedy King, Sujan Obi Nas and the two younger Pearls Desiree and Sheeba. Don’t forget Pearls were the first ever Odissi dancers.

I had better tell you a little about Sujan Obi Nas; gosh even his name is too long. His parents had named him Obi but in his early teens he declared as he was a prince his name needed to stand out from those around him. The court officials, the King and the Queen had all looked at each other and knew then things had gone too far; but did nothing to change the situation. Obi had been a beautiful baby boy and a long awaited one; he had six older sisters. From a very early age he had been thoroughly spoilt; by his parents, his sisters, his personal servants and his tutors. He never played nicely with the other court children, he didn’t understand the concept of sharing. He refused to play with his sisters, “they are just girls”! He would burn with rage if he saw anyone else with something he didn’t have; he wanted it. He was also lazy, he didn’t need to move or try; everything came to him. So as the years passed it was easier for all concerned to let the prince be in a private part of the palace. This was to be the future King. We all know that this isn’t looking positive. How could a young man without empathy or social skills be able to rule Shala? He was very clever though and a great mathematician and by the time he was eighteen his tutors were at a loss as to what else they could teach him.

Obi was now quite big. He loved his food and because he didn’t move much this was inevitable. The tailors would have to come and measure him again and again for new silk robes. Some of you must have started feeling sorry for him by now. Me too. His sisters had all married and left the palace.He had sat at the six weddings quietly , seething as to why no one was paying him any attention. The crowds would all coo over his sisters and their husbands and all seemed to be very happy. He was glad when they left and puzzled over why his mother was in tears each time. He did not feel the emptiness that the whole palace felt. The princesses had filled the household with noise, laughter, energy and love. Other than his parents no one really had paid him any genuine attention. He didn’t care , he was happy in his own company. Poor Obi he really didn’t know the value of family, friendship and love; or do you think he hadn’t been shown ?

On his twenty fourth birthday Sujan Obi Nas was crowned King. His father now unable to leave his sickbed had declared it should be so , but with a heavy heavy heart. It was a grand but very sombre affair. A sort of silence descended on the palace over the following days. The officials just kept on doing what they did, the cooks in the kitchen kept on cooking what they used to, the gardens stayed the same, the army got older, there were no royal visits and things were generally miserable. Obi was getting bored and when he got bored he got mean. He took away land from the farmers , he ruled in favour of the guilty parties at court and laughed whilst doing so. Oh, the list is endless and I really didn’t like this Obi at all. No one was able to stop his disgraceful and unreasonable behaviour. The Queen retreated into her private quarters and garden and was riddled with guilt and shame. She would only ever leave to visit the King who was slowly dieing.

Obi had heard about the Odissi dancers and some silly princess who had joined them. He wanted them to come and perform for him and see what was so special about them! He heard back from the dancers also known as Pearls. They were busy – you can imagine his reaction. “Just go and get them”,he shouted to whoever cared to listen. Days passed and then one day there was a commotion in the court. There were trumpets and then “the Odissi Pearls” your highness. Hmmm he thought. I thought there were three or even four of them. The two young dancers were clinging onto each other and holding back tears. It was Desiree and Sheeba. “Put them in the guesthouse”, he ordered. The girls were escorted to the beautiful part of the palace at the back of the lush gardens, surrounded by fountains and they could also see a couple of peacocks sauntering about. What were they to do? They had never been without Parvati. But because they were so tired they both fell asleep.

The two girls awoke the following morning so very hungry. But as they sat up in their beds they could smell yumminess coming from the other room. They jumped out of bed, grabbed each other’s hands and ventured towards the food. Peering out slowly they could see trays of delicious cakes, fruit, nuts, savoury pancakes, dishes they couldn’t recognize and jugs of various drinks. They assumed the white one was milk.They smiled at each other and walked out nervously, turning their heads from side to side to check for intruders. Just them they realised. The girls ate happily and quietly. Now what. Whilst the rooms were beautiful, the beds so comfortable and the food delicious this was not home and they were starting to get jittery again. They had not chosen to be here.

And as if someone had read their thoughts there was a knock at the door. Then there was another, a little louder this time .They didn’t say anything but simply stared at each other. The visitor was waiting to be invited in. After a few moments they knocked again and said gently, “ may I come in?” It was a woman’s voice, gentle but firm. Desiree walked to the door and let the lady in. She was obviously not a servant but neither was she someone royal. She introduced herself as Rukul, senior maid to Queen Leera, the King’s mother. She wore a long dark skirt with a red blouse with gold trim. Her grey streaked hair was tied up into a severe bun. She wore little jewellery, just some simple hooped gold earrings and an ornate heavy looking bracelet, probably silver. The Queen was distressed when she had heard that her son had effectively kidnapped these young women and wanted to reassure them that no harm would come to them and she would personally organise their journey home. She had requested that the girls come to her quarters with Rukul. Both Desiree and Sheeba smiled so hard that Rukul could not help giving them a hug and saying, “you will be fine”.

The three walked along dark corridors with crumbly walls and unpolished floors. This was so different from the guest quarters. Then through some iron gates and onto a path within an overgrown garden, which was still beautiful. Butterflies, bees and brightly coloured birds were all around. And in the corner there was a fountain sheltered by fruit trees and the high brick wall. This was the Queen’s garden but once she lost her husband she stopped tending to it, it was her second love after her family. She also didn’t want anyone else touching it, although many had offered and also suggested outside gardeners.She could not bear to see anything beautiful and her son’s behaviour had saddened and embarrassed her into being a recluse. As they entered an archway, two big doors were opened by two old guards. The girls had never seen such old guards, how would they be able to protect the Queen. Anyway, it was none of their business. They just wanted to go home as quickly as possible.

She was sat in a beautiful emerald green velvet chair and was reading a book and put it away carefully as the three entered. This room was very formal ; less furniture than the guest quarters but with a higher ceiling, dark stone flooring inlaid with what looked like jewels, two large windows on either side dressed with heavy curtains that were held back now allowing the sun to shine through. There were piles of books everywhere – the girls had never seen so many. When did she read so many?The Queen beckoned the girls to sit near her, there were stools for them in the matching green and a small table with fruit. “Don’t be too angry at Obi”, she said gently. She spoke with a sweet ,calm and lilting sort of voice. Desiree and Sheeba sat transfixed as she told them about Obi and her daughters; how the latter never visited because of former. She missed them so much but Obi almost forbade her to leave the palace. She said she was happy to see new faces, especially young people. She missed conversation; she used to hold big groups allowing women to share their views on any subject they chose. These ranged from family, food , friendship, politics to clothes and their country. She loved Obi despite his behaviour and did not quite know how to fix the situation but she could help these two young women escape. More time passed and the huddle of four finally came up for air and seemed satisfied.

Rukul took the two dancers back to their room and disappeared. They waited until they had been served with supper; ate heartily as the Queen has advised.

Sheeba and Desiree then opened the door and stepped out into the darkness and tip toed the same route they had taken earlier. Rukul was waiting for them at the Queen’s garden and smiled. She gave them both a bag with some water and snacks. The two old guards were watching and smiling and willing them on. The older woman snaked through the paths towards the well; the girls followed. Around the fruit trees onto a narrower walkway which was hemmed in by tall woody stems; they had to use their hands to pull through. Rukul then stopped and scraped back some overgrown plant , took out a key and found the hidden door and lock. The two girls looked shocked ; although they knew it was there.

The small mossy creaky door was being shut behind them. They knew what they had to do. Walk alongside the wall until the big trees were in sight inside the palace grounds and then straight head out and eventually they would end up on the track to the next village . That seemed like a great plan but in the dark, snd even with this small lantern they could only see about six feet ahead and above. Desiree let out a small shriek,”something’s on my foot”. With the lantern now shining down the girls saw what looked like the end of a tail swishing past. It had only been a few moments since they were alone and they were already scared. They had assumed it was going to be straightforward escape ; I think the queen and Rukul had read far too many adventure books !! The land behind the palace was overgrown, a mini jungle if you like.Who knew what creatures lived here? The most sensible thing would have been to walk back through the door. There was absolutely no chance of that either now;where was it? It was so well hidden in the overgrowth.

The girls stayed brave and kept walking and struggling through the jungle; they were sure it was supposed to be wildernesses garden ! Neither wanted to let the other down so stayed focused on her steps although both were exhausted and jumpy.

They finally stopped after a few hours and admitted they were lost. They had also unfortunately not made it out of Obi’s land. The girls were observant but brave ; what a strange comment you may be thinking. Well this jungle was filled with giant plants and if it was filled with giant plants surely the animals would also be huge !! Desiree wanted to scream but just gulped. Sheeba also wanted to scream but just wished for Parvati. Both girls descended into deep sleep, but were sure they hadn’t sat down or even laid down. If they could see that one was being held by a giant flower and the other by a snake I’m sure they certainly would not be asleep. The flower swayed gently and whispered to the snake to take Desiree ; she would be more comfortable with her.

The girls slept oblivious of the situation.

Back in another land not so far away Payal sensed there was something wrong and could feel the call of the pearls. She took her leave from the court and headed towards Shala on her chariot. Payal arrived at Obi’s palace just as everyone was getting ready for the day ahead. She no longer got angry. She asked for an audience with the King.She thought she’d give him a chance. Obi agreed to see Payal. He had never seen such a beautiful lady and she didn’t cower in his presence; that too was unusual. Payal introduced herself and then asked for the return of the Pearls. Obi was a little surprised as no one had ever challenged him. He was also not a great orator so answered with , “no, they are my guests.” Payal stayed smiling,” dear king, if you do not let them go home immediately I will be forced to take them. I am sure you do not want your reputation ruined further. And if you do want to see them dance , you can do it anywhere.The energy and pleasure from watching with others is unrivalled. You should try it.”

Obi could feel his face burning with rage.This woman, how dare she speak to him in this way. She was a Princess and he was a King; he didn’t care that she was older. Poor Obi really had not learnt any manners; respecting your elders was a given. Poor poor Obi was going to lose this battle and he didn’t have a clue. He tried to stand but needed the help of two advisors. His right arm, hand and index finger pointing at Payal shouting at her to leave his court and country. This exhausted him and he slumped back down. Payal stood still, wondering whether she should give him another chance to repent or simply get the girls from the garden. Oh, I did not say Desiree and Sheeba were in the Queen’s secret garden filled with the strange and spectacular. It was their way of keeping the dancers safe; Payal had helped plant the garden many years ago. In hindsight the girls were safe, Obi would not really have harmed them. Anyway back to teaching Obi a lesson. Payal stood still and simply smiled. There was a hazy aura about her and I’m sure there was a hint of jasmine.

Obi sat there and was at a loss. No one was rushing to help him or follow his instructions. In truth they all looked at him in pity and disdain; I know that two are contradictory but sometimes your emotions get jumbled. Obi was also confused : he was tired of being disliked. In reality he missed his sisters and mother but just didn’t know how to express it. He was envious when he saw people talking and being lost in each other’s company. He noticed they would stop if they spotted him. He was bored in the palace; there was never any noise or laughter. He couldn’t remember when he last went out of the palace to view his nearby orchards and farms. This self examination seemed to go on and on and suddenly there was hush, a quieter than imaginable silence in the court. Someone was sobbing. It was Obi. Years of anger, pain and hurt were leaving his body. The old advisors gazed towards each other and shrugged. They were all wondering what magic spell this visitor had wielded.

No one knew what to do. Not often that a King starts crying in front of his people. Payal watched and slowly walked towards Obi and helped him up and hugged him;he thought of his mother. He finally stopped crying and sat down again. He asked everyone to leave and him Payal alone. They talked for hours. He spoke of his loneliness, the expectations, the pressure and all from a very early age. His sisters would tease him saying, “this will be all yours one day”. They meant no harm, they were children themselves.The advisors would say, “Prince you need to know all these protocols’”. His father would say, “son, the people are looking to you to guide them”. But his mother would say,” play with your friends;I love you;come sit with me.” He had forgotten her kindness and love. Payal listened and wiped away his tears, again and again. He was distraught and inconsolable. Her message to him was that it was never too late to make amends. He didn’t understand her powers and laughed. Who would listen to him now? Would they trust him? He had hurt so many with his actions. So Payal spoke again and told him how to navigate out of his plight.

In the garden the girls stirred out of their sleep to find themselves wrapped in a giant snake. What to do? Scream ? Wriggle? All pointless they thought, so they just went rigid and weren’t able to even speak. The snake, Hani, just smiled. She was only keeping them warm, but how were they to know that. These humans needed to be more open she thought. As the sun rose she eased the girls out of her grasp and slid away. Bemused they smiled at each other and finally got a sense of their surroundings. It was a garden ; but for a giant ? Too much to deal with on an empty stomach. They both sat in the shade of a bright pink petal and opened the bags Rukul had given them. Yummy fruit and pastries and a pouch that was filled with water. After eating they were debating what they should do next. Sheeba wanted to try and find the gate and go back into the palace. Desiree, feeling braver wanted to push ahead but not knowing into which direction. They could hear little bells , yes definitely little bells coming towards them. Payal was walking towards them with Rukul behind. She hugged the two girls and simply said, “time to go home”. No explanations, no “are you ok?”, no “good to see you”. That was enough for Desiree and Sheeba.

So this story was less about the dancers but more about Obi…. I didn’t know that was going to happen? Payal took the girls back to their village, they never did dance at Obi’s palace. They did get a chance to say farewell to the Queen, she winked at them as they left. They did not want to face Obi. He really had frightened them. It would take some time to forgive him, which they would do.


Obi vowed to be good. He even promised to think about marrying and visiting all his sisters. He even went to watch the Odissi dancers in another palace. Most importantly he spent every afternoon with his mother tending the garden she loved dearly and spoke of his father who he learnt to know and love again.

Parvati was cross but very happy to have Desiree and Sheeba back home. She would need to talk to them again about personal safety.

Payal went back home to Paanivar knowing she would not be there long.