Have you seen my mojo?

Don’t worry I am not changing careers and taking you down the path of some life coach. I suppose it’s important to actually know what mojo is before I can find it again. Mojo isn’t my dog or cat if you were wondering. My favourite definition of mojo is “your personal power”.

Luckily for me it wasn’t missing for long. But it prompted me to mention it to a few people and also try and understand where it went and why?

So why could it have gone.

⁃ Delayed reaction to turning 55?

⁃ Lack of exercise?

⁃ Persistent grey and wet weather that seems to have no end to it. Surely the earth must be hydrated by now.

⁃ Dark evenings … yes I know it’s autumn and it happens every year but how quickly we forget. I think I may become more of a sun worshipper going forwards.

⁃ The uncertainty of house buying and selling. Don’t even ask me to elaborate at this point.

⁃ Missing the student…surely not !

⁃ I had seen lots of family over the weekend and was just missing them.

⁃ Week leading up to mum’s death anniversary.

⁃ Thought of another lockdown. Head is spinning as to what projects I could take on and how would papa cope.

Things I did to get my sparkle back

⁃ Cooked, my go to place. Just need to bake over the next two days and that will make both me and hubby happy.

⁃ Went swimming early morning to start the day with gusto.

⁃ Have arranged to see friends so we can have long lingering conversations that help to put everything back in place.

⁃ Got stuck into work and embracing being back full time, no really I am.

⁃ Got out my boots and gilet. Every weather change throws up new fashion possibilities that can brighten your spirit.

⁃ Ordered another book , to go alongside the numerous others that need reading. I refuse to turn up to book club just for the chat 😂 next time;twice is enough.

And it transpires that I wasn’t the only one feeling a little “meh” on Monday. I’m sure everyone has lists of their own and it’s good to understand those.

The trick is not to try and think you need to resolve whatever this feeling or phase by yourself, even if you are an independent, confident, positive human (most of the time!). I wonder who that could be ?



NB: I don’t think Donald Trump has lost his mojo. 😂. Common sense possibly, but not his mojo… I suppose the drugs may have helped.

NNB: I think Boris may have lost his mojo though. 😂

NNNB: Richard Gere never loses his mojo 😉.

NNNNB: Stay safe and well 🥰

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