A summary and conclusion to 2020…yes I know I’m a little late 🤦🏽‍♀️… a photo montage

I’ll find a way

January 2020 was going to be the start of a new chapter. Learning to live without mum and all the good and bad that came with her during her last few years. Holidays to be booked. Plans to be made. Lists to be written. Some calm to be restored. Hmmm, well, that didn’t happen, did it?!

Remembering mum in August

February 2020 was when we started wavering; we did the elbow taps and foots taps, even if it looked like a country dance. IT was coming towards us. Yes, we could go to Frankfurt. Or should we? It’s work. It will be fine. No hugs and kisses, not even air kisses. The emergence of sanitisers was overwhelming – any size and brand to suit you. Oh, how we mocked those that were being cautious!

Industry folk and friends

Halt everything.

Stop driving.

Hunker down.

Work from home.

Wash those hands.

Uncertain expressions.

Toilet roll hunt started.

Shall we zoom?

We’ll be normal soon…. it’s just one Lockdown!

Daily briefings became an addiction.

Quest for one nugget of positivity.

The art of furloughing was thrust upon us. We were the lucky ones.

So much time and what do we do first!!

Clearing out, must do.

Shed clearing in April

Gardening, grow something.

Starting the veggies
Coming along nicely
Oh my
Courgette bounty

Cooking, most definitely.

And even managed to cut hubby’s hair!

Baking, you’d be silly not to!

Yoga, for sure.

Balance and strength

Cycling, no doubt.

Walking, what, just walking ?

Lakes walking
Bedford walking
Richmond walking
Biddenham walking
Norfolk walking

Blogging, why not!

TV boxed sets, let’s stay in the game.

Quizzes, affirmative. To stay connected.

Meditation, make time.

Phew, just enough time to sleep then!

Oh and don’t forget to mask up!

Lakes .. masks on a boat 🤷🏽‍♀️

Long summer of glorious sunshine made us forget the pain and the missed “everythings”.

Happy Birthday from afar

We kept moving forward counting the losses and thanking those who propped us up. We became addicted to online shopping and formed relationships with the delivery guys.

The vaccine to combat IT were announced but we were tiered again in November. December we were hopeful for a Brexit deal and the weather was as grim as the mood. Christmas came and went. Ah well, there will be others.

It’s Christmas

Lockdown 3? Bring it on!!

And here we are nearly at the finish line. A little overweight possibly with all the home cooking and baking. Less shops, fewer jobs and….more house moves! Go figure.

This blog is only two months late because of a certain house move which is covered in my next blog. However, it seems apt still as it is a year since the first BoJo directive to stay home ….

Just hang on and stay strong. 2021, we are ready for you…now we are into Spring it has got to be good, right? We have proven we are kind, loving, giving and resourceful.

We think of those we have lost and those that continue to work tirelessly so that the rest of us remain safe. The vaccine is getting to all and I pray that we will all be in a better place soon. Family is precious so we will be together again soon.

I will be available for hugs…. that goes for you too Mr G. 🥰



NB1. My daughter finished her degree with a non-graduation like many others. She then started and continues with a Masters online.

NB2. Captain Tom showed us that anything is possible as long as you are determined and positive.

NB3. Nigella showed us how to butter toast.

NB4: Sadly, I learnt about cauliflowers bolting, but to my delight, my sunflowers stood tall and towered over me.

Hello up there

NB5: I had some random moments that made me bake hot cross buns from scratch. I’m ok now! Phew.

NB6: I realised that I was reasonably good at following recipes. No more shop bought cakes here!

NB7: I realised that community means a lot to me. Supporting others brings inner peace.

NB8: We all learnt about the R number. And became fans of Chris Whitty.

NB9: We all know where Barnard Castle is, don’t we?

NB10: I became the proud owner of a veg trug

NB11: We ate a lot of Courgettes!

NB12: A bubble became more meaningful than what it is physically!

NB13: Chem Eng girlies stay together forever 🥰. Strong women together 👊🏾

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