Week 7: The 999 call, size isn’t everything and afternoon tea anyone ?

Can’t go wrong with mangoes

Helllooooo…… this was the week that lethargy was starting to set in and had to be addressed quickly ! My watch told me at the end of Monday how disappointed it was in my progress during various points during the day. Try harder and it’s not too late!! What are you my PT or my growing belly ? Anyway annoyingly it worked … I just don’t want to engage further with a watch. It’s bad enough that I’m talking to the student and the hubby more than normal.

Leave me alone

On a similar note are we all quizzed out and running out of responses for, “how are you” and “what’s new”? Responses such as “I’m fine” and “nothing” works I find. The fact that I have taken to enjoying my outings to Sainsbury’s and actively search out one particular till lady….we have our weekly catch-ups and discuss my food choices and our families. I can even scan my own Nectar card now. She’s very nice. This reminds me to tell you about the biggest compliment I’ve had this week from a friend (well, she says it was a compliment). Apparently I make an ‘event out of everything’ (© Debbie Acquaye). Is that me being a drama queen ? I would also like add that I attempt making the ordinary extraordinary. Has someone already said that? I bet they have and if not why not? Enough about me. All very self indulgent this week.Let’s move onto the student.

I’ve saved this from last week for you as my word count was too high ! The student provided additional entertainment on 1st May. So she left for her run, returns and is very happy to have done her PB for 5k. She’s not a runner by choice you see. As we were getting a breakdown her dad calls in a panic asking if she is ok. Of course she is ok. The police are at his house as they’ve had an abandoned 999 call from her number – they can hear heavy breathing on the message. He tells them she’s not there and happy for them to search the house!! The police then go back to Bedford Park, origin of the call and then they come here. The student is mortified and hugely embarrassed and very apologetic about wasting their time. She had accidentally dialled the emergency number with her sweaty palm whilst running and the noises were just her panting !Thankyou police for your vigilance in these times. I so love having the student here; never a dull moment. And to be honest we need her here to stop us losing on the weekly quiz. She did leave us for a week because we were so bad; we were holding her back apparently. She did better on her own the following week but a bit of bribery always works and we are united once again. Competitive, us ?

Shall we venture into the kitchen which I have had to share this week. Not saying that I mind but I am feeling a little territorial. I made the Mary Berry deconstructed Apple Crumble. Don’t you know what that is? You cook the apple and the topping separately? Two lots of washing you say. But worth that extra space in the dishwasher. I haven’t made apple crumble since I was about 12 when I forgot to peel the apples !! The trauma has obviously scarred me.

Apple and mango&strawberry crumble

I’ve supplied various curries this week and used kale and Thai basil. I’ve changed !

Curry corner

The student made us the healthiest meal of the lockdown. I wonder if you can guess what it involved? Ofcourse it’s couscous. But to her credit it looked beautiful and tasted good: couscous with mint, cucumber and tomatoes with aubergine with a tahini based dressing ( Waitrose recipe 😳)and roast veg. I don’t recall eating like this as a student?

The heathy couscous

Then hubby promised us a cauliflower cheese because there was a cauliflower in the fridge ! Good start. But after he had cleaned it he came looking bewildered and shouting what is this? It was the size of a grapefruit! Our expectations were lowered, lots of kale was added (Pret we miss you) and meal for three was created. He’s good at cauliflower cheese!! Again a solid 8/10 for that meal and surprisingly there were no leftovers.

Spot the cauliflower

I had been good and not baked for two days and then remembered we had a team Afternoon Tea on Wednesday. Who doesn’t love a theme – or it just me? The venue was to be Zoom, well at least you don’t have to book months in advance. I was so excited to see the whole team again. I made savoury muffins, the pineapple cake again and a cucumber sandwich.

The BHETA team
Sweet or savoury ?

Teapot with cup and saucer and not a mug. Hair straightened instead of being bunched up, one has to make an effort. It didn’t look strange at all as I sat in the lounge by myself with this array of food. The event reminded us all I think how we miss seeing each other in person. But the cake and the tea helped lessen the pain.

Come on down

Staying with themes . We were trapped on Sunday as the rain gods came upon us and turned me to food and the kitchen again. The Gujarati snack station evolved. Now I have everything one could need to create a mini feast. Fried Mogo – Cassava in the freezer ! Patra tins. Fenugreek leaves and banana bhajiyas (pakoras). But I have no sesame seed or mint chutney; I have hung my head in shame. But I substitute with a homemade coriander chutney. I was tempted to make spring rolls but the damn pastry was in the freezer. Roll on week 8!

Snack attack

The hubby was on good form this week. He had decided to order some wine from France. I don’t actually drink wine myself, just saying. The student only drinks Sauvignon Blanc . Where have the days of Blue Nun and Liebfraumilch gone? She did however like the taste of a rose …so he ordered 15 bottles (white & rose)I ask why so many especially as he is trying the Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday only drinking. Wouldn’t it be easier to say which days you won’t drink? He proudly announced that it was free delivery for 15 bottles.I raise an approving glance.

Drink ?

I then made him watch a Bollywood film with subtitles. I think he’s not grasped our love of high drama otherwise he would not have said … “that’s a real coincidence those lost brothers meeting”!! Those that know Bollywood will know that people separate as children, find each other again as adults supported by some fab songs and dances along the way. Anyway I think he seemed happy enough choosing his favourite leading lady from the three glamorous heroines.

To get him back I made him move some pots around in the garden and do some more planting as I remained creative director. The seeds are out and the sunflowers are now in the ground, my babies.

Coriander and sunflowers

We did have two glorious days over the Bank Holiday which allowed us to be outdoors and again realised how lucky we were to have a small garden and be near a river, park and country walks. Bedford is beautiful as I keep telling you.

Beautiful Bedford

Did anyone else get confused over Friday, which felt like a Saturday but was meant to be a Monday? Did you all celebrate VE Day? We had a mini gathering on our road. As a neighbour said it took a pandemic for people to come out , the irony. The police van drove by and didn’t stop. They weren’t going to mess with us … socially distanced and not enough alcohol. The joys of town living. I love the community that has been created. The entrepreneurial spirit…car washing , sharing deliveries and supporting local businesses. We even came out at 9pm to sing We’ll meet again badly, but it’s the trying that counts.

VE Day

And I leave you with the long awaited announcement from Boris. He had called in the weather gods again to reenforce the message to stay in or was it go out but be alert ?The graphic department were truly working hard to demonstrate the danger levels …. god help us. I’m sure I saw an equation too; Boris + announcement = 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️. We have a new R map! Will we be following this like the accurate weather map daily ? No end to lockdown . So no change then? Unless you work from home , you can carry on working from home. But if you build or construct you can cycle/walk or drive to work but don’t take a bus. But then why are buses running? I have a headache so I’ll stop. But you can exercise for longer . Jeez isn’t one hour enough and I can do that at home?

Label the axis

I look longingly out to our small garden and will be doing the sun dance tomorrow. Please join me via zoom at 5am. PM your email if you are up for that ?

Rain gods at work

I will leave you to work out who asked, “can’t you use turmeric instead of saffron?” and enjoy the lovely peonies I found, actually paid for at Sainsbury’s.


Seema (9/10 Housewife)- do you like my new signature ? I may have slipped to a 7 this week.

Have you noticed that there seems to be less gratitude for the key workers on the tele. More about recriminations. Those who should know what is right seem to be straying and stumbling.

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