Dear Mrs May …I have decided to come back to the U.K. 👋🏽

Dear Mrs May

I have decided to come back to the U.K.

Don’t worry, I have a British Passport so no need to have a welcome party ready for me at border control. I’ll be the one looking happy to be home but sad also to have left India.

Enough about me,how are you? I was a little disappointed that you didn’t respond to my first letter. I hope you didn’t think I was being too forward by suggesting some changes. It’s the socialist and control freak in me.

I was actually going to say that after six weeks in India we should be proud of the following things in particular within the UK:

⁃ Transport system

⁃ Healthcare Service

⁃ Education system.

I can see you are filling up with pride and getting teary eyed but please note this praise isn’t meant for you but for the people who deliver these services. Ofcourse we aspire to be better, demand more value for our taxes and there is always room for improvement.

However, there are a few things that we could learn from this beautiful country called India.

⁃ Please can we encourage more street food!! You simply can’t have a nation without Street Food. It may of course send the Health & Safety brigade into meltdown. But I think it would be worth it!! 😋 Just think of the joy it would bring to so many people.

⁃ Please can we encourage more napping 💤. I’m sure it would help lower the nation’s blood pressure.

⁃ Please can we encourage more transport options. I love the idea of Electric rickshaws around London.And more people on scooters (I don’t mean more on each scooter btw. I saw mum, dad, toddler and baby together on several occasions. I think it is in the genes here and the Brits should not attempt this at any point 😱).

⁃ Please can we encourage our soap makers (the tv kind) to be less cynical and downright depressing. Take time out to watch some Indian soaps and you’ll be transported to fantasy land where your brain can chill for a while. Perhaps it’s just me; I actually enjoy them.

I hope these less taxing ideas are more appealing ? I know you will be busy otherwise I would certainly have shared more ideas.

See you on the other side of Brexit. 🤷🏽‍♀️And I can honestly say that for the last 6 weeks this word has not really entered my headspace.I am sure you will have everything under control. Have you made any new friends yet btw?

I’m preparing myself for the 24/7 BBC tv & radio onslaught. I am Brexit ready !! But whilst I am still here for another 24 hours, more food is calling me. Hmmm what should I have… samosas, chaat(street food) , chole bhatura ( chickpeas and type of fried bread) , aloo puris ( potatoes and another type of fried bread).

Bye for now Theresa. Sorry but food over Brexit everyday.👍🏽 If you ever want some help my door is always open.




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