I ate chicken today and cried 🐓😢

Chicken ??

I thought you were a vegetarian. I am … always have been and will continue to be.

This is the very short story that is not letting me fall asleep tonight.

I decided to upgrade to business on my Air India flight from Kolkata to Delhi: charge my phone , use the WiFi , eat some more .. be rude not to.

All settled in and we’re off. Lunch is to be served and I opted for the paneer option.The loaded tray arrives with so much going on it. I take a fork full of rice and a small piece of the paneer curry. This paneer is funny 🤔. I don’t like it. Then it dawns on me that it isn’t paneer afterall. I poke around in the dish and find chicken. I am traumatised as is probably the air stewardess and the gentleman to my left 🤦🏽‍♀️ I said in a whimper whilst tears were falling “I’ve never eaten meat and because of you I’ve just had a bit of chicken”. Some of you may say that’s rather careless of you Seema? Under normal circumstances one wouldn’t miss a chicken 🐓! But this was in a curry and I was expecting paneer. By the time I had eaten the small piece it was too late.

Had I done something to upset the gods? Anyway I can’t tell you why I cried for some time, but I did.

The stewardess says she’s a vegetarian too and is upset. The catering team had labelled the meal incorrectly. She replaced the tray. I swigged lots of water. She came back with a feedback form which I duly completed.Let’s see what they say, if anything or perhaps something along these lines…..

⁃ Dear Vegetarian… we were horrified to hear of your experience at the hand of our team. Please accept this basket of vegetables with our heartfelt apologies.

⁃ Dear Vegetarian…we understand you experienced some issues with our onboard catering. Please accept these business class tickets for two to a destination of your choice with our heartfelt apologies.

⁃ Dear Vegetarian… it was with some surprise that we received your complaint. We have asked for a thorough investigation and will ensure that one of the team gets back to you at the earliest opportunity.

I’m a forever vegetarian… I don’t want to change. I can’t stop thinking about it. How long will the chicken be inside me. It was only a small piece. Can someone please make sense of this. I think I have a tummy ache. My body is not used to it 😢🤬



I also realised I have a real dislike of arrogant Indian businessmen (you’ll know when you see one). Rules are not just for the rest of us. Seriously if you don’t want to obey the flight rules just get your own jet. I digress…..🤷🏽‍♀️

2 thoughts on “I ate chicken today and cried 🐓😢

  1. Oh Seema, despite being the biggest carnivore you know (nose to tail eating for me!), I am nearly crying for you! That’s just awful……

    Ahhhh, the motherland…… Or in Katy’s case, the fatherland when she had to eat beef out of politeness when she went to Ghana about 20 years ago. …
    Ps. Your digestive tract will remain intact. I promise you.

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