Christmas Tree Tales 🎄

So I left you last time saying I’d report back on how it all went.

Getting the house decked out was top priority; well in my head it was.So off we went on Saturday 8th December 2018 to get the trees. We got to the Stagsden Christmas Shop at 9am for tree selection duty only to notice that there was little stock about – what’s going on? Apparently people have been super keen and had started buying in November. Come on people! This is crazy, surely! Let’s agree not to talk Christmas until December 1st . We all need to know the rules of engagement. Anyway, I digress. Two trees are chosen within a few minutes- I can see more cars coming into the car park!! It pays to be early. And the kind people would deliver on Monday. Done ✅ Ofcourse we got some holly and mistletoe too.

Remember I become a magpie and have to have anything that is sparkly, shiny and glistens. So we then move onto Fleurette to buy a wreath. FFS they only have 2 left and they have to make one up for me and would be ready for Monday. Perfect planning: trees and wreath arriving together. What’s going on I ask? People have been super keen this year and we started selling Christmas things early. “Can I have a gold bow on the wreath please”? I ask. The young lady apologises and says calmly “we’ve run out of gold ribbon!!” I think, don’t be ridiculous .. it’s Christmas. Gold is one of the foundation materials – how can you possibly run out before Christmas Eve! Trauma is averted with use of silver bronze rosy gold number . Judge for yourself – it would have been better in gold.

Move swiftly onto Monday 10th December and two kind gentlemen not only deliver both trees but also place them in their respective holders. What a result for the hubby! Another job ticked off the list. The gentlemen refuse my generous offer of tea and mince pies – they have other customers that they need to make happy! 🎄🎄

So Miss Planning and Prep has the decorations all ready to do the smaller tree but the bigger tree would have to stay naked for the week!😂. But I decide that I can move it slightly as they have left it too close to the window. 10ft +tree falling on me alert. I dance and wonder what will break as it falls on me. I somehow manage to keep it from falling and as I move without any real idea of what I’m doing I hear a crack. Dread fills me and think how will I explain this … luckily the crack I’ve heard is the holder locking and the tree is stuck at an angle. It has neither fallen towards the piano or the sideboard.Whoever said I was clumsy can add this to the list. So I let go gingerly and step back and view the scene. I report the incident to hubbyquarters and visualise him rolling his eyes. I leave the the sad tree and go and spend time with the normal one in the lounge. I decorate it – silver and purple. All good. Take a photo and send to the fam. I then leave the house for a few days.

Both hubby and I return late on 15/12. Both are resolved to deal with the felled tree first thing on Saturday morning. After numerous attempts we know that this tree needs to be chopped at the bottom … they’ve sharpened it like a pencil and the poor holder can’t grab it however hard it tries 😂.

Can we find a saw? Ofcourse not !! Off he goes to buy another one. I think he is feeling quite macho as he saws away and shouts when he catches me filming him “is nothing sacred”! The Tree is finally in and looking fabulous.

The house becomes more Christmas like as the days go on. And then we have the second tree drama —2018 what is going on?? The smaller tree obviously feeling neglected decides to throw a tantrum and starts shedding its needles. At this rate there will be no second tree. What to do ?? “Hello, I’m really sorry to call you and I know it’s a strange thing to say. And for the 2nd year running….”. The lovely gentlemen came and replaced the sick tree. It happens occasionally.🤷🏽‍♀️

The house was used and abused.

Lots of comings and goings and that is what it is for afterall. We had a busy but bountiful and loving festive period. We won’t mention the silly cough cold flu thing that’s become my close friend.

There may be some glitter about but I will embrace it.

The day to pack up arrives and as I lie in bed I can hear him downstairs wrestling with the trees. If I dawdle a little more than normal the job will be done. He does have 3 trees to tackle. I find the packing away tiresome this year and have not been organised. I am sure that will cause angst in December.

But to more important things , Easter is April 19th! And I know from social media that Easter Trees are now a thing …. 😉



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