My kind of Christmas- it’s a themed party right ?!?! (Without being blasphemous)

Throughout I will use “Christmas” and not Xmas. This stems from being reprimanded many years ago and being called lazy. Take care when you speak to people – we don’t forget🙄.

Anyway, I had the best compliment ever recently.. “babe I don’t know anyone else who is into Christmas more than you“. That’s why he married me ! My Hindu parents would be proud. However, I have rules – please please don’t talk to me about Christmas before 1st December otherwise I’ll be expecting Birthday wishes in July (I’m a September baby).Diwali and Art’s birthday need to be enjoyed during November.

His contribution to all the tasks that lie ahead: babe I’ll sort out the booze! Really? Thanks 🤦🏽‍♀️. Our priorities may be a little different. As long as you don’t forget the Prosecco 🥂🥂. Oh and he will definitely get the Christmas jumper on at some point. And I will have the reindeer antlers.

Shall I share the list? It all begins with a list as you know.


Have only been asking for years for external lights!! And last year he put up some sensible little lights in a straight line along the wall and in the front garden wall ! Yeah 🙄. It’s not exactly Christmassy and I wanted to go larger !! I don’t need NASA to see my house but a a little more would be welcome. I’ll have another attempt this year.

Now indoor lights are another matter in our house at Christmas.Thank you retailers for all those battery operated varieties! Bright white, not so bright white, warm glow, small stars, big stars, copper wire and chrome wire for a more trendy look. Who hasn’t put two different types of lights on their tree and had to undo it all ?

Is there any area of the house that isn’t lit up? Note to self – emergency battery packs in kitchen drawer and start saving to pay next electricity bill!!

Trees 🌲

Xmas trees- yes we are at 2. I know this is decadent; don’t hate me. One for the lounge and one for the front room. It’s great-you can’t escape them!! And they are real. Yes they can be annoying and not quite symmetrical and needles drop. And those with pets – it’s an adventure trail for those 🐈. So off we go to Stagsden every year. This year’s visit will be the same as always but luckily this year there won’t be a pincer movement on me from hubby and daughter. They want to choose the first big one and smallish one we see. What the hell? We came to choose and that means taking time and studying the trees in detail. They’ve taken months to shine for us and the least we can do is to be polite and give some attention. We also need to have the annual tree related argument. Why aren’t we carrying a tape measure like that couple I wonder. So trees 🌲 🌲 finally chosen and time to pay. Hold your breath. Hubby is frantically trying to get me out of the Christmas Shop… soooo many sparkly shiny things to touch and buy. The annual new tree decoration purchased and I get dragged out.

And we’ve all had the dramas where

⁃ The tree needs replacing. Please it’s only the 18th and the tree is sick.

⁃ The tree that was too big : forget the fairy this year 😟.

⁃ The tree that was too fat. Babe I can’t get the baubles on – you’ll have to do it.

⁃ The tree that never looks right 😂 throughout the season – it’s on a slant . I’m sure it is.

And the annual tradition of decorating the tree with Michael Buble. Look at the tree from outside babe – is it ok? Actually I’ll do it myself. Anyone thinking I’m a control freak.🤔🤷🏽‍♀️


Don’t be in a rush to pack them away. You’ll only regret it next time. You know my rules on storage and organisation. This is a time when it comes in very handy. If possible pack by colour. Doesn’t everyone have a reindeer that lights up, garlands galore, gold stars 🌟🌟🌟 and silver 💕hearts. No surface should be left bare. Holly and Mistletoe- I got it all covered.No tinsel here. No paper chains like the old days

Presents 🎁

I love buying presents. There’s a definite art to it. List and budget and a full day’s onslaught with breakfast , lunch and tea breaks. Those cleverer people do that online thing. And those super annoying (but ridiculously organised) that buy all year and have everything wrapped and ready by December 1st. Where’s the fun and chaos in that ? No drama … not for me! You do your best in making everyone happy and it’s so much easier if the recipient throws some clues at you. I’ve been reminded recently that “if you believe you receive “ – hmm .. does that mean if you believe you deserve a present you get one? 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️ And if I happen to give you a present just take a moment to appreciate the wrapping, the ribbon, the bow, the tag and the general loveliness I’ve invested.🙏🏽


Charity cards purchased. Let the story telling begin. I applaud those that can write to/from.

Food & Drink

By food I don’t mean the main Christmas dinner. I mean the volume of other food that appears – dips, fruit, chocolate boxes, unopened nuts, cheese, biscuits for cheese, crisps, olives, every M&S party pack, made up snacks for festive season …did I miss anything ?

General food observation: shops are only shut for a few hours, so people don’t panic. Obviously you might be doubling up on supplies because of Brexit – see got it in here too👊🏾. But brussel sprouts are not allowed after 26/12 surely? We’ll have enough booze to see us through to Summer 2019 for sure.

Xmas Eve

Our annual Xmas eve party for local friends started 13 years ago when the kids were small and everyone was keen to head home early to watch Santa’s journey. Now they are bigger than us, eat and drink more than us and more to the point they take up more space than us. The annual question from hubby (attempting not to roll his eyes) “How many have you invited this year”?. Hmmm I may have got carried away again. We need a bigger house. And will we have the quiz again this year? Always a late finish tidying so we can wake up to calm on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day

Planning and prep is key! Ensure that you have foil and chestnuts and remember to stick the oven on. This is advice from bitter experience. Lunch/dinner for 3😂: Simon’s time to shine whilst Janet and I watch Toy Story from the sofa. Eat and back on the sofa.A visit to friends to eat and drink more ensuring you are sporting your presents! Lordy don’t forget the crackers – go large .. just so you can get a decent hat and useful present. That little comb, screwdriver , bottle opener. Makes it all worth while doesn’t it. I get mine from TK Maxx – there I’ve said it and put it in public domain. I forgot the most important thing – present opening pre breakfast. Everyone happy and if you’re not just pretend !!

Boxing Day

Home cooked Indian feast as you do. Let’s see if this continues.

Family & Friends

The largest and most important ingredient is “family and friends”. Hugs upon hugs and mistletoe kisses. Squeeze them all in and take rest afterwards. Pace yourself though as NYE will soon be approaching. Barocca every morning and stay hydrated.

Yes it’s all indulgent. But why not? As long as we note how lucky we are and don’t forget those in need and those not lucky enough to have loved ones to share this time.



I’ll tell you how it all goes and whether there were any injuries inflicted! Start the health campaign in the new year unless you can find additional hours in your day. Enjoy being with loved ones and those others 😉. Count to the 10 or the 12 days of Christmas. Keep the peace. X

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