Week 6:The mangoes have landed, part-time housewife and the lightbulb 💡 moment!

Hello …HELLO…. is anyone there? Are you hanging on in there. I’ve read lots on social media, other sources are available!! The mantra this week was to ‘be kind’, not just to yourself but to others, even if they happen to be a student, a husband or someone who has been furloughed. Oh, what a coincidence that happens to be this household.

It felt as if the government had called in the rain gods to stop us from venturing outside and having bbqs and picnics. I remembered little moment of madness or nightmare! This is what I could look like at the end of all this isolation.

Oh dear .. do you like my earrings?

It’s on rainy days that you start to wonder …can we go out , can’t we go out , when will be able to go out, how will be able to go out, will we have a car each going forward, will I ever see my physio again (forget friends) !! Someone please help Boris to decide.

I’ll start with a confession, best to be honest from the start. I broke the rules , I bought pizza on my Monday shopping trip. The student raised her eyebrows when she saw the purchase and directed me to the list of ‘don’ts’. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I hadn’t really digested her unilateral list! Although admittedly I had walked past the crisps and the Indian snack aisle gallantly.😉 And as we sat down to our first pizza in weeks with coleslaw, potato salad, mixed salad and corn-on-the cob, I didn’t hear a single word of complaint.

The evidence

And kitchen adventures, well they are not really adventures are they ? Just a few recipes with nice pics that ensure that my lovely bowls get an airing and cooking times are 20% longer to fill the days. So, who’s made a Spanakopita before ? 1lb of spinach is a lot of spinach let me tell you. Thank goodness there were no limits on spinach buying. Then 2 packets of feta and one of ricotta. Any ridiculous amounts of dill, I bet not many of you have even used dill. Anyway, to push on with the adventures I used half of the filling with shortcrust pastry (don’t tell the purists) basically because the filo was in the freezer ! The second day I used the filo.

Spinach anyone?

Then it was the turn of the ‘not just one small aubergine.’ Look at the number of ingredients and the amazing colours: how could anyone not enjoy doing this! I suggest clearing of diary as you cut and fill the little buggers. It tasted fab but not for anyone with a nut allergy.

Not one small aubergine

I behaved and only baked once this week. It was the Mary Berry Banana (you know the fruit we were running out of early on in lockdown!!) and pecan loaf. Well, actually it was Banana and Walnut, who has pecans hanging around?It was well received but the student did request that I “upped my dessert repertoire, it’s not al about cakes.” Be kind !

No pecan cake

Now that you sitting comfortably … this will help you if you have older children and if you have younger ones it will give you hope. There is always hope. On the 29th April 2020 the student woke up at 10am and ate lunch at lunchtime. That’s all I’m saying. Then on the 30th April she did it again. Don’t look surprised,that’s a trap. Just a casual acceptance at this stage and a teeny approval. She is finishing her dissertation but that was not to blame. She has had a lightbulb moment, an epiphany you might say and explained (may have come as a result of decluttering her life so far) it thus; if I get up earlier I can do more in the day. Hallelujah! 🙏🏽 and FFS and rolling of the eyes all in one. But no ‘about bloody time’ or ‘I told you so’ or ‘all those wasted hours’ from me. But the victory is ours ..inside. She then proceeds to go for a run and make cookies in the same day and announces, “what do you do all day mum?” She then sent me a recipe for Sweet Potato Curry; I’m waiting for it to be made and ofcourse we have sweet potatoes, doesn’t everyone.

I think the yoga may have broken me physically, especially my shoulders. But I was watching SAS Celebrity thingy and Anthea Turner at 59 was so impressive and very inspirational. No don’t worry no chance of me doing anything like that – hate the cold and wet together. Can deal with cold. Can deal with wet but separately. And anyway I would probably cry at the first graze or cut or bump! The exercise schedule has settled into a rhythm at the house . The student started running again and has put together an ab crunch routine!! The hubby is doing something every day; just a keep fit junkie. We go for another bike ride and I manage not to fall. Gears are great aren’t they! We manage to see half of Bedford and experience the lovely people of this town but also the numpties. 2m is this long ! And if you’re on a narrowish path let’s both share the load.I’m not going into the bloody stinging nettles for any Tom, Dick or Harry.

But all else is fine. I finally unpacked my travel bag 😂. Always the optimist. Not sure when I will be getting my travel size bits ready again. Any my car just sits on the drive without the ‘cardrobe’. It must be wondering what on earth is going on, no motorways for weeks. The garden is progressing nicely with some of my flowers now in bloom. The sunflower plants are doing nicely along with the coriander. Some of the seeds are coming up in the trays but the labels got mixed up ?!?! Hmmm… Daisy salad anyone? Exciting news , I have a due date for my veg trug.

In bloom

See you at the end of week 7 and if you need any self raising flour pm me !! And I’ll let you know if there will be another delivery from Mr X from Milton Keynes. Enterprising chap kindly did a group delivery of Indian groceries and ingredients and mangoes (my first love). All done with social distancing in mind but can’t help thinking it may have looked a little dodgy meeting in a car park ? Perhaps he should deliver direct to each customer next time; no let’s stay looking dodgy and get a glimpse of another real life human from another town.

Car full of deliveries

But I leave you with the fact that I got a 9/10 from the hubby as we ate our Sunday morning brunch of home made pakoras and masala tea (him not me, can’t stand it myself). Wow Seema ! But for what I hear you ask ? For being a housewife, cooking cleaning and fridge management (minimal waste). The police may be needed again ….we will be picking this up again!! I take back the “be kind “….



We continue to be grateful to our carers and those people that are rising to the top of the pile… so I must mention Colonel Tom at 100. If anyone needs an injection of inspiration or motivation just take note. And I won’t be churlish and not mention baby Wilfred. It’s not his fault his dad’s a Boris. Just realising my sign offs are becoming ridiculously long !

4 thoughts on “Week 6:The mangoes have landed, part-time housewife and the lightbulb 💡 moment!

  1. I always knew you were smart but this is excellent writing Seems..I think you should publish!! The guy who own Augill castle is a writer so I could ask him how that works as his stuff is very good too. 👍👍💪🥰🥰💋


    1. OMG Liz that’s so kind of you to say. I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️. I could send him a link to my WordPress account and he could read and comment ? x it’s so lovely of you to say that …


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