Auntiji goes to a coffee morning β˜•οΈπŸ°

Auntiji 1: I’m reporting this event to the trading standards authority !

Auntiji 2: Kyo kya hua? (Why what happened?)You sound angry but look very at peace.

Auntiji 1: Well I just went for a coffee and a slice of cake !!

Auntiji 2: Chalo (come)sit down and have a cup of tea and tell me what those Bandhan ladies have done this time ?!?πŸ™„

Auntiji 1: Mai bolti kum hoo magar (I am not one for speaking but) as you are asking let me begin at the start. Kuch meetha hai chai ke saath (do you have anything sweet to go with the tea)?

I thought after the Bollywood night and the New Year’s Eve Party they would know what they were doing. It doesn’t take much does it to make a cup of tea and buy a cake from Sainsbury. Do you agree?

Auntiji 2; Well to be honest I went to both of those events and don’t recall seeing you there ? Aap busy the? (Were you busy?)My husband , our children, our grandchildren, our neighbours we all had a great time. Even the PM came !!

Auntiji 1: Bhenji (sister)I think you mean the MPπŸ™„

Anyway back to meri kahani (my story)…. yes I would like more tea please.

β€’ Well you know how normally at apne functions everything runs late – well kya kahu…sub time par aiye except me!! Mujhe kya pata tha yeh sub modern ho gaye (I didn’t realise they had all become modern)!! Yes yes they may just be well mannered people.

β€’ Then the organisers – Suman, Sati, Rekha and Poonam were so nice and had planned everything. How can they be so nice ? They think of everything.

β€’ Then there were others , you know some volunteer type log who were helping out and being kind and community minded (yeh mere bas ki baat nahin hain – I’m not that way inclined).Let me think there was a Maya, another Rekha ( naam kitna common ho gaya πŸ™„- what a common name ), Preeti, Induji, Misha and some young girl called Sunaina doing mehendi –henna ( was it a wedding !!). Oh do you like the design she’s done … it’s very intricate don’t you think ?

β€’ Then Rekha P did some meditation. I know what you’re thinking… I did enjoy it but my mind kept on going to all the food that was there. Perhaps I should have tried harder.

β€’ Then we did bingo … it was fun. And very cheap to play you know. I nearly won you know !

β€’ And to top it all off we had apple pie/coconut sponge and lemon cakes/pakora/dhokra and other bits.Ok so they were delicious but I am sure my Victoria sponge is better. Ok so it’s been over 20years since I baked but I was just saying.

β€’ And do you know what those Bandhan girls did … they let some men attend. Even a little young man. Yes yes I know one of them was my husband but that’s not the point. Yes it was nice to have a mix of people there. You know what people do … they talk! But the gup shup (chit chat)was very entertaining indeed.

Auntiji 1: And you know I wanted to see for myself that Suman lady I mentioned earlier. Everyone had been saying that she had the look of Olivia Coleman and was quite regal looking. Mai jhoot nahi bolti (I’m not lying)but log were absolutely correct. I think that meditation is making me a nicer person you know πŸ’•.

Auntiji 2: Didi aap such bol rahi ho ( sister you are correct). I’ve also had so many messages saying she is such a good organiser. She should consider a career change but kya kare woh to doctor hai (what to do she is a doctor) πŸ™πŸ½. She thought of everything- bin bags, a knife, trays for serving cakes, kitchen roll, lace tablecloths, spare food bags for people to take some food home (Oh I see you have some there – her coconut sponge cake and some dhokra – don’t confuse them) , sellotape and blue TAC. Literally everything.πŸ‘πŸ½

Auntiji 1: Do you think she would help with my Sunny’s wedding?? Why are you so quiet?

Auntiji 2: Looks like you had a horrible time meeting old friends … the bathroom…, it’s over to the left. Apne aaj jaada chai pee hai (did you drink too much tea) ?πŸ˜‰

Auntiji 1: No no I didn’t say that I did not enjoy. I was just saying ….. yes a little too much chai πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ.

Auntiji 2: I can make the next coffee morning so shall my husband and I pick you and Bhai up then?

Auntiji 1: Make sure you come nice and early … hum late nahin hona chahte (we don’t want to be late)!! Please apni diary me write karlo Friday 12th April. It starts at 10am so pick us up at 9am. It finishes at 12.30. Then afterwards perhaps we can have lunch at yours ?

Auntiji 2: We’ll see you at 9.45!!! We live in Bedford and the venue will be in Bedford. Unless you want to help ???

Auntiji 1: bye sweetie !! See you soon.


Don’t be like Auntiji 1

Be like Auntiji 2.

Come and create some memories with new and old friends.

You may meet an Uncleji or two πŸ˜‚.


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