Fun Friday and Super Saturday 💃

What a weekend and it’s only Sunday morning (I may just be getting too old for these shenanigans or masti🤷🏽‍♀️. But my FOMO won’t let it stop). And anyway I still need to use up all these Indian outfits and not forgetting the wardrobe full of long black dresses and some short ones .

Bedford is such a happening town these days !! We are so lucky to live here. There are diverse communities who just get on with their lives. There are further sub groups within these groups – how are you meant to keep up. The trick is to remember we are all just human beings. Simples.💕The borough has a great Mayor (David Hodgson) and Bedford has a hard working MP (Mohammad Yasin). The latter is bit like the Scarlet Pimpernel- but in his case we do actually find him everywhere.

We have good health and roofs over our heads. And most of us lead a reasonably charmed life and we know that. I’ve seen some of you at Waitrose 👀 (local gossip – Lidl are opening next to Waitrose- how pissed off must they be?!?! )And our wonderful FB posts from all corners of the world. However there are many who are not so lucky and need our help. It’s what makes us human .. the ability to help others and following through with action. That ACTION can be a 10p contribution in a rattling collection tin, a monthly donation, your time , a donor card and the list goes on… Here ends the sermon on this Sunday morning. Have another ☕️ but I’m hoping you’re smiling and not rolling your eyes.

So this blog is about two events. One on Friday evening and the other on Saturday and my silly Saturday day !😂Let me tell you what went down and how yours truly survived.

The SMART Prebend Jazz Ball

Our lovely friend Chantal Thomas (Book Club Chantal ) is one of the trustees for the Prebend Day Centre in Bedford. They help the homeless (365 days of the year)with food , clothes , support and basics such as facilities to shower. To feel normal. We can’t judge anybody- we haven’t lived their lives. We have to just accept their “now” and help. The centre held a Jazz Ball at Sharnbrook Hotel on Friday night. Love the naming of these events – if we call it a dinner and dance, we can add £5 to ticket and £10 if we call it a ball. Fantastic marketing 👍🏽.

What to wear – not Indian (that’s for Saturday).Black dress. One that fits. One that has easy underwear options – you all know what I mean. Those VPL issues, do you dare go commando 😱, clear bra straps , strapless bras – it’s just pants!! Heels that you can dance in and work with the dress 🙄. Accessories that convey the look you are trying for – elegant I think today!!

So get to event having picked up Susan and Nitasha . My driver (Simon) was somewhat delayed by our not so close or good friend the M25. The dress code memo was obviously lost in translation.I’m in a long sexy black dress (let me believe it), Susan is in evening trousers and blouse. Nitasha is in her antique flapper dress and has a feather headband in her hair! She looks every inch a 20’s star. Poonam has also seen the same memo as me and was sporting a sexy long black shimmery dress. Chantal having only just got back from South Africa was in a short purple number but with ankle boots – it worked! This is know as comfort. It was a wonderful fun evening where all the men and ladies tried on the feather headdresses – we have photos. Roz packed up the extra meat for the dogs and then went onto to win a personal training session in the raffle. As with all charity events the auction then started. I bid for a salon appointment and got it – it’s for charity but I need all the help I can get. But us girls had our beady eyes on a villa in Paxos. Quick negotiation as to what would be the limit so we didn’t get too excited .. can you imagine trying to explain that to organisers “no we didn’t mean to bid £5000. We got the 000 wrong”. We got it. Another holiday for 2019? Poor Roz she’s going to have to spend time with a Vegetarian and Vegan!! The rest of the book club will be in an adjoining villa we hope 📚.

The evening was supported by the Mayor and Chief Sheriff . The Prebend Team were a high energy bunch and had pulled off their first ball with great success.


My Saturday of grrrrrrs

I am very proud to announce that I made it to the gym for a 9am Body Combat class. I am too discreet (😉) to say who I was kicking and punching. And Ofcourse I had smashed avo on toast for breakfast. I may even have had cracked black pepper. And there ends the smooth Saturday

1. Take shoes for resoling to Timpsons . Machine out of order.

2. We go to currency’s booth to get some Yen for Simon. None available. Looks like only he’s the only one going to Japan from Bedford. I didn’t roll my eyes at my husband!!

3. Go to Bubbly’s to pick up my outfits for the evening. Not ready. Need to come back . 🤦🏽‍♀️

4. Go to Waitrose to collect some makeup. Love the click and collect service. Order not recognised. Madam could you recheck your email. Ground swallow me up now ! Yours truly has sent it to John Lewis at St Pancras. Apologies all round – from me only and I retreat.

5. I go back to Bubbly’s and finally collect my outfit. Thanks Vinita for the authentic Baroda ghagra.

Simon comments what a lovely drive around Bedford we’ve had.😡



Bedford Indian Community = everyone from North to South ; East to West (of Bedford – what did you think I meant?)

The first part of the evening was being the

DKMS pouncer – official role now! Poonam and Bali had been the proverbial Germans (stereotyping) and got the DKMS tables by the entrance. My job is to get anyone between 17-55years of age to come and join the stem cell register. This as you can image can be a bit tricky sometimes. One doesn’t want to offend.The huge number of volunteers do the hard work of form filling and swabbing and explaining the whole process. Yesterday we had Sharon, Nicky, Dips, Vrinda, Swarupa, Manasi and Arundithi and not forgetting our youngest volunteer Ira.

So yesterday’s guests were great and smiled once they knew I wasn’t selling anything and on the whole were very generous. I did have a few that looked horrified when I mentioned ‘blood’. No seriously I am not going to turn vampire and suck it out of you now. I had to push away the auntijis -no you’re too old. I was happy to try and recruit the firemen😜. Swarupa the things I do for you !! One lady had actually looked after Anthony Nolan and was so happy to see us there. This was my highlight. We were delighted with the response from the youngsters who wanted to register -parents be proud.

The next part of the evening was to become a guest, a Bandhan Babe pushing our NYE party, a Ghoomar girl with my fellow dancers. And enjoy some of the entertainment and food that has been laid on by the BIC team.

So changed from normal clothes (not so normal really – black Indian suit) dance outfit in one of the studios upstairs with Poonam and Swarupa with Ripal’s help. Will we never escape from safety pins and hairpins!!!! No one would recognise us now for sure. We look so Indian.It was so sweet to be called “pretty”. We will take that!

Noreen Khan did a great job hosting – it takes great skill to keep fresh when announcing sooooooo many raffle prizes consisting of Celebrations chocolate tubs. 😂Dancers of differing genres and ages, similarly singers did a great job in keeping the large crowd entertained all evening. Stand outs have to be Parvati’s girls, Ladies in red with Satyam Shivam Sunderam (could hear you Apana from the back – just beautiful) and young Saloni. Not only beautiful and sassy but a fabulous singer.

But of course the main events were the Bandhan Dance Groups. I know where my loyalty lies So many husbands appeared to support us ; in charge of cameras in the front row. We are spoilt for videos!

⁃ The Giddha Girls: strutting your stuff and getting the crowd going. The expressions from you all were perfect.

⁃ The Bengali Babes- effortlessly elegant. I want to be one. You pulled it off with great aplomb.

⁃ The Ghoomar Girls: twirling and swirling and managing to smile all the way through. A special mention to Mayaji; although the oldest member of the group she rocks the accessories far better then the rest of us. Always committed.

You’re never too old for anything or learning something new and the above demonstrates that perfectly.

It was wonderful to see so many new friends again and meet children, husbands and other family members of Bandhan ladies. We are not a cult honestly but beware we are a bit funny and addictive. The BABA boys were in town too and it was good to see them. Family and friends meeting and greeting each other in the run upto Diwali. Just perfect.

The food stalls were yummy! I came away with takeout of both South (Idli, Vadha and Sambhar and North Indian (chole bhaturas) food . No I don’t discriminate. I love all Indian food. What better way to spend Saturday night – takeout and Indian Idol. So it’s out there I watch Indian Idol. 😉

Thanks to Ramprasad, Sudesh and the rest of the team for a well organised free community event. Thankyou again to the Mayor, Chief Sheriff and our MP for supporting it. Thanks BIC for giving both DKMS and Bandhan space and time.



Bye for now !

Onto the next events .Whatever type of diary you use please book these dates out .

💕NYE at Park Inn hosted by Bandhan Bedford

💕March 1st Empire Bedford hosted by DKMS Bedford Hub

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