I am vegetarian 🌱

For those who know me … you know that food is my number one love. Sorry Simon.💕

I’m a vegetarian. I’m the variety that doesn’t eat meat or fish. I’m not a vegan because I eat paneer (Indian cheese and I’m not giving that up for anyone), have milk in my tea, eat ice cream,have rice pudding and butter my toast. I am not at the stage where I can invest the energy to find replacements. Actually I think I’m just too lazy but have given up eggs 👊🏾. I’m not a pescatarian because I don’t eat fish, I couldn’t cope with the smell or those eyes even if did want to eat “seafood”🐠🦀🦐. And I’m definitely not the vegetarian that just eats chicken 🐓🤔. I have managed to be a vegetarian for my entire life but I’m not looking for a medal. It’s really not a big deal and it’s not because I am Hindu. But I thank my lucky stars I’m Indian with a love for spicy and flavoursome food.

My mother used to keep separate pots for cooking the meat for my brother and father. However this pot division slowly faded – not sure what changed. Perhaps we got better at cleaning? I’m married to a man who eats anything that moves and I’m pretty sure there is nothing that he wouldn’t eat. And at the other end my daughter is a vegan. So our fridge is constantly confused. All this translates into expensive shopping baskets that are filled with weird and wonderful ingredients and brands along with brightly coloured fruit and veg. I still find random ingredients in the cupboards that were bought with care, love and lots of money but were used just once. Who knew you could make butter out of so many things? And chia seeds can be sprinkled onto oh so many things. There is always an abundance of avocados 🥑 and hummus 👍🏽 and my fave vegetable the aubergine 🍆 here.

It pays to like fruit and veg when you are a vegetarian. Seems pretty basic right but there are some out there for whom this is not the case. Along with a strange fascination for some vegetarian foods to mimic meat. Is it just me or is that all a bit weird. Anyway if it makes you happy who am I to comment 🙄. Confession time – I gag at the thought of fresh tomatoes and celery. I can’t explain it and please don’t judge me.

Let me share some of the more ludicrous situations that I have endured as a vegetarian 🌱….

⁃ There was the time in France when I was given spaghetti and olive oil for dinner. Just yum 😋.

⁃ There was the time , oh in France again where the chicken on the rice came back without the chicken. Yes, of course the same plate.

⁃ And oh it’s my French friends again.. imagine two boiled eggs rolling around on a plate for lunch; they could at least have sliced them🤦🏽‍♀️. (I wonder why I rarely go to France).

⁃ And then there was the Paella in Madrid.

“Sorry I ordered a vegetarian paella .”

No problem I will just stand over there

(so you can see me 👀) and slowly

take out all the good juicy yummy

meaty bits. And bring it back.

⁃ yes I will be happy with just a plate of beetroot , who wouldn’t be? Why do you ask ?

When I say I’m vegetarian I expect you not to serve me with the same spoon you’ve just used to serve meat or fish! When I say I’m vegetarian please don’t say “it’s just chicken”🙄. Not having beef doesn’t make you vegetarian.When I say I’m vegetarian don’t worry about the lack of protein in my diet. When I say I’m vegetarian don’t assume that I don’t have a healthy appetite. Stop giving us such paltry portions. When I say I’m vegetarian don’t give me bland tasteless food (or get used to me asking for extra chilli). When I say I’m vegetarian don’t go into a meltdown when you’ve invited me for dinner. When I say I’m vegetarian don’t assume that I’m super healthy – chips and samosas and pani puris are all vege foods👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽. When I say I’m vegetarian don’t think I’m trying to convert you… it’s not a cult you know.🤦🏽‍♀️. And I really don’t mind if you eat meat and don’t need to hear “it was bacon that made me come back”. Jeez you haven’t been into outer space.

Happy eating people whatever your orientation 😂. I salute the restaurants’ guide to vegetarian signage ;Vs and 🌱. So you know what to avoid. And how they’ve matured from a diet of cous cous and goats cheese. Some even let us have our own menu; we’re all grown up now.

Me , I choose to be vegetarian. I survived those years of nut roasts and omelettes. I have done my penance. I cannot be turned. 🥦🥑🍆



2 thoughts on “I am vegetarian 🌱

  1. Another superb write up Seema !!! My family members also divided in both camps and have pretty much dug their heels in swearing by the benefits of being a vegetarian or a non vegetarian .Loved it”Let the fridge be confused”.

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