Downward Dog in Tuscany 🧘🏽‍♀️

Come to Italy 🇮🇹she said…it’s a retreat she said….all that pasta and pizza I thought. It’s Italy I thought. I’m vegetarian I thought. What could go wrong I thought. Just forgot that four letter word YOGA. ..thanks Nitasha !!!🙄

Here you go my list …Yes just a list ….in no particular order of my memories.

🔹6 nights

🔹Many places

⁃ the intellect of Pisa, the brides of Pisa, the babies of Pisa, the virgin mojito of Pisa and lets not forget our friends the mosquitoes. The yoga may stop the tower leaning ? Let’s get Professor Brian Cox on it🤔 (those who know just know ).

⁃ the hot springs of Bogna Vignoni in unspoilt Tuscan hills. Forget you read that – we want to keep this gem to ourselves. Those sexy swim hats for the spa. Fab dinners with food that kept coming😉

⁃ the handbags of Pienza … sorry the walled Renaissance town of Pienza where old talents of sketching were reawakened and pecorino cheese was tasted.

⁃ Tower of Tentennano …on top of the world (knee and thigh breaker). An adventure all the way there anyway. Coming back was more interesting , Italian farmland and google maps a bad combo and throw in 2 engineers that speak no English =lost numpties🤔. All hills and villas start looking the same in the hot sun.

⁃ Volterra … a city for prisoners and torture and hidden ruins .A city with yummy food. Who knew about this incredible place. Is it ok to do yoga in a monastery? We did🤔.

🔹Not enough hours of 🧘🏽‍♀️ . Some may argue that 5 hours/day is plenty 🤔.

🔹Too many cases of water bottles

🔹5 km walk (whoops it’s now a 16km walk….only the strong and sensible shoes survived )

🔹4 red wines🍷🍷🍷🍷

🔹Numerous cappuccinos and double espressos

🔹?? Mosquito bites 🤢

🔹1 doctor 💉

🔹1 put out local yoga teacher

🔹1 random couple wanting to befriend us

🔹Several stolen figs

🔹Kilos of grapes picked 🍇

🔹2 Prickly pears

🔹Italian Methi


🔹A few sour apples 🍏

🔹3 hitch-hikers

🔹Many tight shoulders and knobbly knees

🔹Several litres of balsamic

🔹Several litres++ of olive oil

🔹Long lingering breakfasts in the sun

🔹Tonnes of Healthy minerals

🔹Hours of sunshine

🔹Minutes of rain

But most of all a group of beautiful people who cared and shared and laughed together. We let each other be and not make judgements. And if we did it was only to observe and support. Come and meet the gang ..

The Guruji 🎓👢

I’ve only done 7miles uphill, my yoga, some emails, talked to some friends and it’s only 5am… anyone want to go for a walk? This guruji is a hard task master but a rather stylish one in Yellow boots.

Don’t mess with her or eat those dreaded chips or you’ll get the look! Did you get it? I did 🤫. Who knows where we I’ll find her in a few months time but hopefully still helping us to be the best we can be. Drop your pin on WhatsApp  Nitasha so we can find you !

Segolene – the assistant!

Be grateful that you can get to your mats and after little sleep. Little does she know that we were all scared of her or was it because we wanted to hear her say nice/beautiful/gorgeous in her French accent. So young,wise and natural -especially when she laughed with gusto. A guru in the making.

The high achiever but scatty one 🙄. 95% only-but in my world it’s at least a ‘shabaash’ (translation =well done). Her routine was I’ve lost my swim cap, I’ve left my sunglasses , I’ve left my pyjamas at the hotel, I lost my earring during my fall (but no tears!!)…Oh and by the way  I’ve broken the safe but it’s ok just passports in there. Don’t panic everyone I’m going to smile through it all and sketch our way out. That’s her … doing everything at a pace to squeeze the most out of life. 💕

The Queen of Deet 👑

Short but sweet and kind. Our entertainer for the week. Even the mosquitoes wanted a part of her or was it the wine. And then they told their friends the ants who chased her too. We know she came on the wrong holiday … thinking she’d bump into old Montelbano. No such luck…watch out Sicily!! Psssst…make sure you take me.😉

The next Yoga teacher ..🧘🏽‍♀️

Interpol are searching for a storm of ninja mosquitoes who attacked this British lady in a quiet courtyard in Pisa. It is unclear why they chose her  ….we have inside information  that it may have been her gentle kind blood. How rude of them.Brave lady kept her calm and showed us how classy an umbrella looks in the sun.Nitasha and Segolene may have created another asset for Bedford.

The Glam One 🕶

What was she worried about! She had all the gear – Sweaty Betty now have a stock shortage! Always looking glam even during a bloody downward dog. With those fabulous support pads she worked through the pain. Not missing any eye candy even in a monastery- 20 Hail Mary(s) for you!!

The engineer 📈💻

Do we have a process for this week?Have you timed the distance between the bedroom and the spa…what is the most efficient way?If not I will create one. We have to be prepared for everything everyone. Is the angle on this stretch correct ?

The one at peace “all you need is stylish love”💕lady and her delightful husband.

The patience of a saint as he became our professional and nominated photographer. A proud family man that was always jolly and ready with witty one liners.A great walking partner and hunter of sticks. Full of wonderful anecdotes that made non-yoga time more enjoyable. She was just too cool and we all wanted to be her. The living example of “in giving we receive”.

The English 🌹

She’s saying she can’t do this but has her leg around her neck and is sketching at the same time 😳.Cool,calm and collected during yoga whilst outstretching us all. She can’t accept her talents but is actually terrible at decision making 🙄. Beautiful inside and out. A new friendship – she can’t hide from me now!

Me well… I just love eating whilst shopping 👠👜

Packets of dried mangoes/nuts/any snack type you may wish for appear from my bags at regular intervals. A bikini for each day … it’s Italy.

My job is done.

My thighs need a holiday now.

My shoulders are grateful.

The parathas are calling. What no Indian good for a week. I’m surprised I’m still alive. 🤦🏽‍♀️

See you all soon.


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