Permission to speak 🎤

BABA (Bedfordshire Asian Business Association Awards) 2018

Of course I would be happy to help. Yes I can present. Yes I can compere the BABA Awards evening with Jagtar. The queen of joining in and of FOMO (fear of missing out). They couldn’t have asked anymore more appropriate 😂. Did we forget to tell you it’s at the Corn Exchange ! You mean the big place in town 😳. You mean the place I spent so many hours over so many years during the month of March … Bedfordshire Speech & Music Festivals. Walking from one competition to another. Nerves, excitement, drama, passion and sometimes success. I digress.

Back to Saturday night with this 144 year, no not my co-host Jagtar but the beautiful Corn Exchange. Perfect for meetings, music and business. A few people. I’m used to. Selling cookware I’m used to. But this was something new and different for me. Out of that darned comfort zone.

Let’s make an effort I say. Do something with your hair Seema! Walk around town with these pins (looking like Hilda Ogden)and later you can just take them out and you can go curly or put your hair up and there will be volume 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️. Tried and tested lengha and the darned gold blouse , you know the one ! Only a man would design buttons at the back just so there’s always a job! Ready …emergency comfy sandals in bag, reserve earrings in bag , make-up in bag – never in my life have I touched up make-up during the evening. But just incase ..planning and prep… planning and prep. Even then I needed a doctor, Doctor Vinita , oh nothing serious – just to pin my chunni (scarf) properly.

And off we go. Room is filled with 300+ people. The gentlemen are looking dashing in black tie and ladies are showcasing evening dresses, saris, lenghas and punjabi suits. It’s a colourtastic sight.

We are joined by a millionaire, the Mayor, our MP, men in uniform including the police, fire chief and the Chief Sheriff. But really the most important guest is Noreen Khan, the hair! OK for those who don’t know (🙄) Noreen is an Asian Network DJ and I think I might love her😳. Yes I did ! I got a photo with her. And yes I did message her the following day – stalkerville 👀.

The evening is filled with success stories of men and women, young and old, small and large businesses, entrepreneurs and established businesses; all rocking their thing in this tough environment.👊🏾👏🏾. Diya Royal we will be booking that table at your restaurant. And Elm Lodge homes please keep a place reserved for me. 🙏🏽💕. Money is raised for charity through raffles and auctions. Thank goodness for all the support especially from the Garcha family. But fun was had by all and several whiskeys were downed ! Punjabis in the room innit👳🏽‍♂️

Sati and I watching our new best friend Tarun the multi millionaire closely . He lives by his mantra; some may say cheesy but I say if it works 🤔 I’m getting in with “we want your money” for Bandhan and DKMS. And the lovely Preeti who hates the new year in England ,”it has to be hot darling”.I want to be her !

And the gorgeous Bandhan clan. Looking superglam and schmoozing like professionals. Vrinda delivering the DKMS presentation in true style.

This Brit Asian continues to surprise our friend Swarupa with her knowledge of important and critical issues like bhangra tunes. Bali (Mr Poonam) and I were in our element with the old school bhangra thanks to my new DJ Mate, Mindi 🎧🎼🎤. A whole event without any technical issues 👏🏾.

The BABA boys did a great job👏🏾. A great event.

So come on… go out of your comfort zone occasionally. You may just surprise yourself and others.

See you soon.


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